15 Things Bill O'Reilly Got Wrong While Laughing At How Stupid These Hippies Are

Above you will find a video from Bill O'Reilly. It is a stupid video, there is no need to watch it. In this stupid video, which you should definitely not watch, O'Reilly sends his sniggering dudebro henchman Jesse Watters out to interview some hippies who are marching somewhere, who cares. It is very humor, much funny! A bisexual guy says he is bi and Jesse Watters is like OOH FUNNY COOTIES. A woman says she flew to the march, he zings her pretty good! They used their iMovie to put in lots of funny clips of people saying NERD when a guy is able to answer "where has socialism ever worked" with a long list of countries including, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, hahahaha, what a lame dork that guy is to know the answer to the question!

Now that you know what the stupid video is about (it is about Jesse Watters is LOL HILARIOUS!), Billo brings Watters on to interview him about how stupid the hippies are. Ladies and gentlemen, it's MAGIC TIME!

Bill O'Reilly: Where has socialism worked, where?

Watters: [snickering] I can't name a country!

O'Reilly: Can any of them, were any of them able to say?

Watters: Everybody likes the idea of Scandinavia.

O'Reilly: But Scandinavia's not a socialist country though.

Watters: They think it is! They don't know what a real socialist country is, like China or Soviet Union.

O'Reilly: Right. If you go to any of the Scandinavian countries, they're charging a lot of money for anything.

Watters: Gas in Scandinavia is $8 a gallon.

Ahem! Couple of things there, Jess and Old Man River. A) One of the people, like we already explained, was able to list lots of countries! You called him a nerd. B) Nobody said "Scandinavia is a socialist country." They referred to the countries in Scandinavia -- Norway, Finland and Sweden -- as socialist. C) They are socialist. D) China is not socialist. E) "Soviet Union" does not exist. F) Nor was it socialist. G) "They're charging a lot of money for anything" does not preclude them from being socialist, even if you don't like it. H) This is how socialism works. I) Things cost more; people get paid more; people have a safety net fashioned of the strongest, most durable organic hemp fibers. J) Communism and socialism are actually different. K) In a communist system, the state owns all the stuff. L) In a socialist system, you still own all your own stuff but you pay slightly higher taxes than in the US. M) Pretty much all of Europe does it. N) It's not actually that scary. O) Gas costs more in socialist countries because they add in gas taxes to pay for the external cost of gas consumption, i.e. damage to the environment and infrastructure for roads. P) Probably also they don't give huge tax breaks to Exxon, but I'm just guessing on that one. Q) If gas costs $8 per gallon in socialist countries, then we guess Barack Obama is not actually a socialist.

This has been "You're A Fucking Idiot Bill O'Reilly And You Too Little Idiot Pal With The Punchy Laugh."



[via Salon]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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