15 Things You Should Do Before Exorcising Your House, Tabs, Mon., June 15, 2020

Hey, it's the middle of June and the longest day of the year is Saturday. Someone remind Daisy Buchanan.

Go read “Confessions of a Former Bastard Cop" by a former (and reformed) bastard cop. (Medium)

(White) America would've remained blind to the horrific extent of police brutality without the camera phone's ability to record video. Steve Jobs is probably invited to every cookout in heaven. (Wall Street Journal)

Can corporate food brands tweeting, “Black Lives Matter" get you on board with defunding the police as you enjoy your Big Mac? (Eater)

Donald Trump, who is still president for another 218 days, used his presidential platform to attack a private business ... again. However, even Comcast is more popular than Trump. (CNN)

This is probably a good time to remember when Sen. Kamala Harris suggested that Trump should lose his Twitter account before anyone gets hurt. (The Guardian)

Former Vice President Joe Biden is crushing soon-to-be former President Trump among women voters, who are half the population and everything. Men unfortunately are still dumb as a bag of hair that supports an incompetent racist. (The New York Times)

Black women, who vote for Democrats in record numbers, think it's time for a black woman vice president. (NPR)

Kamala Harris Says Democrats Take Black Women for Granted at the Democratic Debate | NowThiswww.youtube.com

Here's a guide to New York City's slow but steady reopening. (Gothamist)

Someone should share this with the hundreds of people who convened on St. Marks Place Friday for a coronavirus potluck. Very little social distancing was observed. Gov. Andrew Cuomo threatened to shut down Manhattan and the Hamptons if they didn't behave. Mayor Bill De Blasio said “nuh uh!" By the way, New York state has never had a woman governor and the city has never had a woman mayor. (The New York Post)

Contact tracing is the best way for America to “reopen" safely until there's a COVID-19 vaccine, but many states haven't hired or trained enough people. That ain't exceptionalism. (The Washington Post)

Armed vigilantes in Philadelphia are "protecting" the statue of noted genocidal crackpot Christopher Columbus. They will write folk songs about them. (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Chef Lazarus Lynch has a great recipe for peach cobbler that'll help you remember it's summer outside. (Salon)

Are you wondering what the official song will be of our “pandemic summer" without Corvettes? Slate has ideas.

This reminds me: Mariah Carey released her first album 30 years ago on June 12. My favorite summer song, however, is still 1991's “Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. I miss when most summer activities were non-lethal.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - Summertimewww.youtube.com

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