15 Wives Who Really Did Their Husbands Dirty With These Mischievous Pranks. Tabs, Thurs., July 30, 2020

15 Wives Who Really Did Their Husbands Dirty With These Mischievous Pranks. Tabs, Thurs., July 30, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

More than 150,000 people have died of coronavirus in the US, if somebody wants to explain that to my brother in law. (ABC)

People aren't getting any less nuts about the face masks! — Washington Post

About which, no, there is nothing unsafe. — WaPo

Biden allies move to stop Kamala Harris from becoming vice president. Apparently Chris Dodd thinks she did not show "remorse" for handing Biden his ass in that debate. Other Biden fundraisers complain she is "ambitious." (CNBC)

Even funner, CNBC links to the exact same story in April, except that time they did it to Elizabeth Warren. (CNBC)

Fuck you Chris Dodd and others!


An Elegy For Elizabeth Warrenassets.rehttps://wonkettebazaar.com/collections/elizabeth-warren-2020belmouse.io

What this lady in my inbox said!

Shaunna Thomas, executive director of UltraViolet, released the following statement:

"This shameful attack against Senator Harris is rooted in sexist and racist stereotypes. The so-called Biden allies behind this shadow operation should apologize to not only Senator Harris, but Joe Biden as well. These individuals are doing Joe Biden, the woman he will ultimately select as his Vice Presidential running mate, and all women a great disservice with this campaign. We saw the results of sexism in the 2016 race. We can't afford a repeat of that when Joe Biden selects his running mate.

"We expect this kind of sexism and racism from Republicans. We had hoped Democratic donors would be better. I guess we were wrong."

And also her!

The New York Times explains that Joe Biden is more popular than Hillary Clinton because of this thing called "sexism" that the New York Times has never ever ever heard of before and certainly didn't do, why they never! (NYT)

Eric Boehlert had the receipts weeks ago, NYT. — Old tab, PressRun

So what went down in the tech hearings? We should read and find out. — Eric Levitz at New York mag

Let's outsource Trump's mortifying "suburbs" tweet, promising to keep the poor people out, to Slate. — Slate

Let's outsource the "pulling troops out of Germany" to Slate too, fuck it. — Slate

Well I think these women should not have beaten a Wisconsin state senator during the George Floyd protests, if in fact they did that! (ABC)

ProPublica's got a database of New York cops with civilian complaints. (ProPublica)

Sigh, I can't read this ProPublica on where climate refugees will go. Maybe you can! — ProPublica

Tab from a few weeks ago explaining why yes, masks probably do protect the wearer, because this seems to be causing some confusion! (LA Times)

America's ambassadors are ambassaring! — Guardian

Yes they're still fucking the post office. (Intercept) And sneakily cutting their hours and shutting them down. (Vice)

You know who loves militiamen? The police. — Daily Kos

You guys I love her so much.

Riot ribs!

Riot Ribs started out as one grill on July 4th, manned by an original Black Panther named Lorenzo. That night, police tear gassed him while he barbecued. Everyone saw what was happening, and donations started showing up the next day. We all pitched in and found a role that we were comfortable with. Most of the volunteers are houseless and live out here in the park.

Bon Appetit

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