16 Ways To Transform Leftover Buttermilk! Tabs, Thurs., Dec. 15, 2022

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Hmmmm, Texas AG Ken Paxton demanded the DMV give him info on anyone who changed the gender on their driver's license, probably to send them all a nice note in the mail. (Gift link Washington Post)

Jane Goodall had a monkey of a time watching Donald Trump. — HuffPost

Oh please, we already knew all the Oath Keepers are former or current DHS ... oh, 300 of them? That actually seems like a lot! (Yahoo!)

I'm sorry, Republicans all like "should we just agree to funding the government now so Kevin McCarthy doesn't get eaten alive by crocodiles or should we not do that" is absolutely hilarious. — Politico

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer gonna cut taxes for poors (expanding the EITC) and olds (pensions), like a boss. (Bridge MI)

Well this is a very nice topline from the midterm election, courtesy Simon Rosenberg:

Updated 12/12/22 - We’ve had some time to process this rather remarkable and encouraging election, and offer some initial observations:

* It was a stay the course election, Joe Biden has been a good President

* Ds overperformance in the battlegrounds defied history, set the party up well for 2024

* Rs extremism problem will not be easy for them to shake

* Dem bench deeply talented, the Party is very strong right now

* Youth, Hispanic vote encouraging for Dems

* NeverTrumpers deserve credit, and thanks

* Dems need to focus on winning the economic argument, getting louder

Yes those are very good, we should continue to do those things. (NDN)

And the RNC should continue to fight over whatever this is, it's too boring for words. — Daily Beast

Seriously, David Roberts is creaming his jeans over the induction stoves with batteries in them, like HARD. He cannot even get over it. Here's why. — Volts

Relevant! The government electrifying will get us just about all the way to our climate goals of NOT DYING OF CLIMATE CHANGE. (Rewiring America)



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