*MINI-PURGE SUCCESSFUL:* Your associate editor's commenter-banning button was fixed, as promised, and he has just finished killing approximately 10 "unsavories" for sport. Blood thirst sufficiently slaked, here are a few tips that may help you save your life as the Obama-Clinton campaign gets rougher.

* Be funny, but if you're not funny, be... short.

* Do not call other commenters "fucking retards" unless they are Paultards, or from Jezebel.

* Do not ever say "How Clintonian" without irony as an insult -- there's a blogger called Andrew Sullivan who will welcome you.

* Never, ever declare that the primary races are a front for preserving various oil reserves in the Middle East.

* Do not go out of your way to think of clever nicknames for "Republicans," like "Remumblicans," which shamefully appeared this weekend. "Republicans" is as dirty as it gets, and there is no need to alter it.

Now go make comments, friends! Hooray for comments!


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