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Rashad West is the Minneapolis, Minnesota, restaurant owner whose surveillance footage proved Derek Chauvin was a lying murderer. West might've also helped change the world. (Level Magazine)

The Trump administration's “religious freedom adviser," Mark Kevin Lloyd, is a gross Islamophobe. You're shocked, we're sure. (Politico)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio says he'll cut $1 billion from the New York Police Department's budget. They'll have to cut back on the Shake Shack runs. (NBC News)

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp doesn't want to mandate that Georgians wear masks. He still wants to be the cool dad. But he will go on a “wear a mask" tour, where we presume he'll demonstrate not spreading COVID-19. No word yet on the opening act. (Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

The world was never laughing at America, as Donald Trump claimed in 2016, but now it pities us. (CNN)

The Rolling Stones doesn't want Trump using the band's songs at his hate rallies -- not even "Sympathy for the Devil." (Vulture)

Hugh Jackman sings Sympathy for the devil (Viva Laughlin)

JK Rowling deleted a tweet praising Stephen King after he expressed his support for trans women. Rowling better watch herself or King will put her in his next book. (She's not surprisingly a fan of Misery.) (The Independent)

Renee Gorham is taking over the Portland, Oregon, restaurant group Toro Bravo after her husband, John, directed disturbingly aggressive Facebook messages to a trans woman of color. He'd earlier wanted to get all “vigilante" after some of his catering vans were tagged with graffiti. (Please note this was before the George Floyd protests.) (The Oregonian)

The New York Times discovered at least 70 people who died in police custody after saying, “I can't breathe." That's just in this past decade. More than half were Black. Outside is America.

An elementary school principal in Denver, Colorado, lost her job because she discriminated against an eight-year-old Black student. (Denver Post)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer think it's high time for a new coronavirus relief bill, as the coronavirus isn't giving us any relief. (Washington Post)

A 16-year-old boy was killed and a 14-year-old boy was wounded during a shooting in the CHOP protest area in Seattle, Washington. Police Chief Carmen Best believes the police "need to be able to get back into the area." (Seattle Times)

Broadway will remain closed through 2020. We're gonna need to end this on a cheerier note. (Playbill)

Chicago: Ann Reinking & Bebe Neuwirth (1997)

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