17 Movies Where You Didn’t See The Twist Coming! Tabs., Tues., August 4, 2020
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Black student athletes are noticing that Jerry Falwell Jr.'s Liberty University might be racist. (Slate)

People weren't crazy about wearing masks during the 1918 pandemic either, but we're supposed to be more advanced now. We have Internet. (The New York Times)

A Palmetto, Florida pastor and state Rep. Anthony Sabatini have sued Manatee County because of its mandatory mask mandate. They are both fools. (Miami Herald)

Guy in Pennsylvania got upset that he was asked to wear a mask in a cigar shop, so he swiped two cigars, went outside, and shot at the clerk. He later shot at cops with an AK-47. He is still alive and in better shape than a protester from Portland. (Washington Post)

Our brilliant elected officials keep catching COVID-19. (NPR)

Companies are trying to adjust to a longtime “new normal." This includes cigarette and tobacco manufacturer Philip Morris, which still wants a crack at killing you if COVID-19 doesn't. (Wall Street Journal)

How can anyone talk about banning TikTok when you can watch Olympic medalist Katie Ledecky swimming with a glass of milk on her head?

Thirteen (yes, I know) members of the St. Louis Cardinals tested positive for COVID-19 in the last week. The Cardinals's series against the Detroit Tigers has been postponed. They need to stop trying to make baseball happen this year. It's never going to happen. (ESPN)

MSNBC knocked Chuck Todd out of prime time and replaced him with more Nicolle Wallace, who's now followed by Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow. That's the good shit right there. (MSNBC)

Donna Ladd at the Jackson Free Press had a great column last year about how Todd's “horse race" style of reporting was no good for no one. (Jackson Free Press)

Employees of a Whole Foods on East Burnside in Portland are protesting the store because management forbids them from wearing buttons that state “Black Lives Matter" or even “Racism has no place here." The latter is actually a phrase from Whole Food's own mission statement. (The Oregonian)

Seattle City Council is proposing police layoffs. Yay! (Seattle Times)

Keep the pressure on but don't protest near the Seattle police chief's house, though. That's where she goes to be a real person. (Seattle Times)

South Carolina passed a law requiring police officers to wear body cameras five years ago. Some cops still don't have them. That's probably not why they want more funding. (Greenville News)

So Harper's ran an article about Kenosha, Wisconsin, written by someone so experienced on the topic they hadn't even heard of Kenosha before receiving the assignment. This is why you should send your subscription dollars to Wonkette. We're all aware of Kenosha's existence. Some of us have even had lunch there. (Harper's)

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