19 Accidental Science Experiments To Make You Say, 'Wow, That's Mildly Cool.' Tabs, Fri., July 24, 2020


Judiciary Committee staff drafted nine impeachment charges even before Ukraine broke, including all the obstruction that Mueller said he wasn't allowed to indict the president for but CONGRESS IF YOU'RE LISTENING. Nancy Pelosi vetoed for "overreach." I believe Nancy Pelosi was wrong!

They also would have charged Mr. Trump with obstructing Mr. Mueller's investigation, obstructing congressional investigations, engaging in the hush money scheme carried out by Mr. Cohen, dangling pardons to keep potential witnesses against him quiet, usurping the power of Congress both by spending money on his border wall and by imposing tariffs without authorization, targeting his adversaries with the power of his office and violating the emoluments clause.

The committee staff members, assuming that Mr. Trump would take other objectionable action, then added a placeholder 10th article titled, "The Next High Crime." Just weeks later, the president's Ukraine pressure campaign came to light and filled that slot.

Well ... yeah. — New York Times

gop stimmy.pdf

The New York Times got the Republicans' near-agreement (among themselves) on how next to stimmy us. Most notably, they're really gonna fuck cities and states. — NYT

Oh, and maybe just Social Security, just a tiny.

White House knows what killed Stephen Miller's grandma and it was NOT COVID-19 YOU LYING ... son of Stephen Miller's grandma :( (Mother Jones)

New CDC guidance says fuck it, just send your kids to school, they probably won't all die. (CDC)

No, no, really: ABOLISH ICE. "A new documentary peers inside the secretive world of immigration enforcement. The filmmakers faced demands to delete scenes and delay broadcast until after the election." — NYT

I'm sure it's fine, Rachel. Why so negative??

Meatpackers sue Secretary of Labor Eugene Scalia for the tort of being a fucking hack. (ProPublica)

And DHS employees suing White House for smearing them up with the ronas. Better hurry up with that "red line" for employer immunity from coronavirus negligence, hey Mitch McConnell?

The judge who sent "Grace" to juvie for not doing her homework wants us all to know no no no, that wasn't it at all, it was LOOK OVER THERE. Also, she's running for reelection. Worst of luck to you, judge. — ProPublica

'If you're going to attack Nancy Pelosi over her freezer and her ice cream, you better make sure your house is clean too.' Shahid Buttar, the guy running against her from the Left, sounds like a dick! (Intercept)

They finally found a Democrat who did a vote fraud! No, it's not terribly clear how, but allegedly he had a crooked elections judge certifying results for him as well. (Politico)

Let's all go to the movies, let's all go to the movies, let's all go to the movies and hang out with Obama!

This Politico profile of Susan Pompeo reveals she is absolutely the brains of the operation, he would be nothing without her (and is mostly nothing with her), and she can be unethical and a bitch. Honestly? Seems like she brings value. (Politico)

No, NBC Newscenter Maine, NO NO NO NO NO, the "feisty" 84-year-old Mainer getting a hotel housekeeping job is not "heartwarming," BAD NBC NEWSCENTER MAINE. (YUCK)

World's mayors want pandemic recovery that takes cars off the streets, doesn't it sound loverly? — Grist

But world's mayors, please don't do it like Philadelphia, where you just tow legally parked cars to an ILLEGAL spot IN THE MIDDLE LANE OF A STREET and then charge them hundreds of dollars of tickets. That is bad. — Inquirer

More on the science behind whether or not lemongrass (and seaweed!) can make cows less farty. (Civil Eats)

Science people lost their shit because a guy made fun of worms. — IFL Science

Hey, speaking of which! It's been a while since we've had a science column. If that's your specialty, email me at rebecca at wonkette dot com.

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