1970s Slightly Closer To Ending: E. Howard Hunt Finally Dead

The Little Tramp - WonketteWatergate criminal and lifelong sleazebag E. Howard Hunt is finally dead, the AP reports. He was 88.

Hunt masterminded the nightmare idiocy of the Bay of Pigs invasion and the brutal 1954 coup in Guatemala that replaced democratically-elected Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán with murderous thug Carlos Castillo Armas. Hunt wasn't one of the Watergate burglars; it was a point of pride in the son of a bitch's life that he was actually the "Watergate conspirator."

A rich life, indeed. Of course, his other infamous conspiracy was the murder of American president John F. Kennedy. Hunt was supposedly one of the "three tramps" caught by the cops on the Grassy Knoll. His wife Dorothy was killed in a suspicious 1972 jetliner crash in Chicago. Mrs. Hunt was carrying nearly $11,000 in Watergate hush money. Illinois Congressman George W. Collins and CBS News correspondent Michele Clark were also killed in the bizarre crash.

Whatever; Hell's a little more crowded tonight.

Watergate Figure E. Howard Hunt Dies [AP]


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