20 Celebs Who Emancipated From Their Families! Tabs, Tues., Nov. 24, 2020

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Programming note if you missed yesterday's programming note! SER, Evan, Dok, and Robyn have forced vacation days all week, because they did not take enough vacation days when they couldn't leave their houses anyway! However, I made them write some things ahead of time, and they are probably going up today! I might not even have to write anything today because writing is gross and I hate it! I guess we will see about that!

That was a lot of exclamation points, I might feel really strongly about it! Now tabs!

Schools without mask mandates. This is so fucked. (ProPublica)

"I'm a contact tracer in North Dakota. The virus is so rampant that we gave up." — Washington Post

Why won't Emily Murphy just do her job? Gee, that's a real headscratcher! — Very good Anne Applebaum at The Atlantic

Never mind, fucking FINALLY. And it took just long enough to entirely trash her reputation, as it should have, I mean, fucking look at the Poor Pitiful Pearl whining below. (And still read the Applebaum if you have The Atlantic posts left.)

Oh look, Trump is still "governing," and it is "threatening to veto the defense spending bill if they don't honor Confederate generals who also were just bad at their jobs." (NBC)

How the Supreme Court made it easier for Joe Biden to YOU'RE FIRED everyone. Thanks Supreme Court! (The American Prospect)

The Right's descent into authoritarianism isn't Digby's fault. Or mine, or yours, or anyone's but the Right's.Digby's Hullabaloo

Why the GOP is so rattled by Rev. Warnock's faith-based Senate campaign. (CNN)

Should Joe Biden go on Fox News? No, let's just make Pete Buttigieg ambassador to Fox, he's amazing at it! (Daily Beast)

Motion by some rando to "declare Trump victorious in Pennsylvania" isn't news, it's just FACT! (Motion)

Five ways Joe Biden can de-DeVos the Department of Ed. — Capital and Main

A very brief Earth Day interview with John Kerry on climate change! (Our Daily Planet) And John Kerry's World War Zero and its strategy for fighting climate change. (Vox)

Bringing solar to Puerto Rico, instead of Two Guys From Whitefish. — Grist

Pope all "how do you do, NBA players?" And they are all, "very well and social justicey, Pope!" (ESPN)

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