20 Everyday Things Kate Middleton Is Not Allowed To Do! Tabs, Fri., July 22, 2022

20 Everyday Things Kate Middleton Is Not Allowed To Do! Tabs, Fri., July 22, 2022

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I have been a pro-life liberal, yes they exist, my mother still is one. I flipped on a dime when a person I love was hitting his pregnant girlfriend right in front of me, they were both on meth, she got a late-term abortion and I have never known anything as hard as I knew she needed that abortion and I was put there to do anything needed to help her get it. Elizabeth Bruenig, though, I don't know what it is about her pretensions to pro-life leftiness that bother me so much when I know pro-life and feminist aren't COMPLETELY NECESSARILY mutually exclusive, even though so many of you will shout that I am absolutely wrong. (I don't think I am! Anyway, I love abortion now! Like actively think it is a social and moral good!) But Bruenig's not feminist, her purity virgin mother act is loathsome, and she's a vicious person who sets her droogs on people and then deletes the evidence. Jude Doyle explains it better at Medium.

No, Republicans aren't going to help fix any of the grisly byproducts of their dystopian abortion bans. They love their grisly byproducts. — The American Prospect

Beg pardon?

You guys are going to love this. So Joe Manchin stripped "insulin" out of the only part of the BBB left standing (for now), the drug price control part. But he stripped out "insulin" not because his daughter is a disgusting piece of shit pharma exec who would punch your baby in the face for a buck but rather because Susan Collins and Jeanne Shaheen had a bipartisan INSULIN (blah blah acronym) bill. And Manchin got such a boner for all the bipartisanness, it is the only thing that matters in this crazy mixed up world, everything always must pass with 60 votes minimum and you don't even have to make them talk it out. Except nobody can find 10 Republicans for the bill, so it's just sitting there with Joe Manchin's thumb up its ass. Lolllllll vomit. (The American Prospect)

This is funny: Because a court has never determined the question of "is a road engineer a cop," nobody may ever try the question of "is a road engineer a cop." That's some catch, the Qualified Immunity Catch! — Star Tribune

Biden's numbers in nine charts. THEY'RE NOT GREAT, BOB! (Vox)

Trump is still, still, trying to decertify the 2020 election. — HuffPost

David Hogg heckled some fucking gun-nut congressman in the House, and I fucking love it. (HuffPost)

Stanislaus tax assessor says the contractor stamped all the tax bills with "let's go Brandon" BY ACCIDENT. (CBS Sacramento)

Bret Stephens's "bedbugs" from 2019, explained again because that guy sucks. (Vox)

Poor princess :( — Factable

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