20 Outstanding Architectural Designs You Should See! Tabs, Wed., March 1, 2023
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What does Rupert Murdoch think Fox News is? Well, judging by his Dominion deposition, he seems to think it is propaganda. (Media Matters)

For what precisely might Fulton County DA Fani Willis indict Trump? Whaddaya got? — Joyce Vance substack

The Biden administration has a pretty good fucking beginning of a response to the horrific child-immigrant labor story (Wonk link) from earlier this week. I'm not even mad that Jim Jordan's gonna do hearings; there should be. (Gift link NYT)

What if ... and hear me out ... we let in non-child Guatemalans to do some of our unfilled jobs instead of child Guatemalans? I BEEN SAYING. (Eric Levitz at New York mag)

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland is inviting tribes to help "co-steward" federal land. Pretty sure that's a tyranny! — HuffPost

DOJ is supporting a class action suit against John Deere. Maybe it should have negotiated in a bit better faith when it agreed to Right to Repair and then weaseled out of it.Techdirt

Michigan "Christian nationalist" Republicans are all the way around the bend and back again. Good luck winning statewide office again with friends like these! (Politico Mag)

This is a marvelous old WaPo (maybe I am out of gift links? I can't find the gift link button!) on how New College in Florida saved this white supremacist, Derek Black, from himself. No wonder Ron DeSantis is murdering it. And here's the book based on the story, which is supposed to be even better. (Wonkette cut link)

Marge, Boebs, Rand, and Matt Gaetz go to sniff Putin's seat. WHOOOOOO! — Roy Edroso Breaks It Down

Samuel Cohen does not care for Florida's FUCKING MESS Act. (Cohen)

AP covers the red state anti-trans shitshows. AP does not seem to think it is very nice, could give a few lessons to the New York Times.

Is your rent going to fall? LOL no. But Insider says mayyyybe?

BRING IT, outstanding architectural designs! ("Recycled glass house" or GTFO.) (Hongkiat)

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