In honor of the American god Jesus, who was buried in his Christmas fur suit 6,000 years ago today, let's remember the furriest year of all. To start off the furry fun, here's the evil half-muslin ACORN Squirrel raping teevee star Harry Smith!

Ha ha, you probably did not expect an ever scarier picture of these ACORN furries, this time practicing their love on teevee's Richard Simmons. But here it is ... it's a Festivus Miracle!

Oh, hey, it is a Nature-Time Furry Jamboree! The band "Phish" is performing, also.

Wonkette editors Sara K. Smith and Jim Newell spoke to Tucker Carlson and Dan Abrams about their new roles at MSNBC.

'I'll take a question from the Polar Bears ...'

It's a little known "inside the beltway" fact that every government press conference includes a couple of furries in the back row who give free handjobs to all the reporters.


Is that John McCain? Our eyes never really recovered from this precious photograph.

Never forget.

So now you know what a 'Mount Rushmore' involves.


'Thanks for the reacharound.'

Oh, right. The only event in the world where giant foam-costume versions of the Mount Rushmore presidents aren't the stupidest thing around is at the White House, during the annual eggroll festival. Here is the person who has officially been the President of the United States for eight long years, with his sex puppet, the Easter Monster.

I'm crazy for love, but I'm not comin' on ...

Merry Christmas, America!

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It started with them damn hats. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

A guest post by "Knitsy McPurlson," which we suspect is not a real name.

Yr Wonkette is not the only website run by brilliant peoples unafraid to poke people with sharp, pointy sticks. – a website for knitters, crocheters, and other folks interested in textiles and fiber arts – is poking people with knitting needles, which are very sharp indeed.

This past weekend,'s founders showed the world how easy it is to de-platform white nationalists and racists when they banned all "support of Donald Trump and his administration" from their website, concluding they "cannot provide a space that is inclusive of all and also allow support for open white supremacy." Seems like people smart enough to decode a knitting pattern are also smart enough to decode Trump's not-so-hidden message of racism and white nationalism.

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One day, God willing, my grandchildren will click open their history textbooks and read about the Central American migrant internment camps. They'll learn about sick kids, locked in cages, kept hungry and dirty and cold for weeks on end, and they'll be horrified.

"Bubbie," they'll say, "how could this happen in America? How could there be toddlers sleeping on the ground without blankets, without soap or toothbrushes to clean themselves?"

"I don't know. I wish I had done more. I'm ashamed," I'll say. We will all have to answer for this atrocity. But some of us will have to answer more than others. Not just the archvillains like Stephen Miller and John Kelly, but the people who kept right on doing their jobs, even as those jobs morphed into defending concentration camps.

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