22 Powder Room Ideas That Pack Style Into A Small Space! Tabs, Thurs., March 16, 2023

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Yesterday was all about that stupid bank full of wokester cool guy VC douches. Today we are all about women, because I have 50 tabs open of awful things happening to women, and like one good one. :/

The like one good one, from the comments: The South Korean women not even bothering to fuck the patriarchy, just doin their fish-without-bicycles thing. (New York mag)

And that's it for that! Please do not put your head in the oven, this is a rough tabs road we are on today.

Postpartum psychosis, it is fucking us up! (New Yorker) And be sure to note that it also happens in places like Denmark, where women die despite the healthy safety net that will make you so sad when you read about "all the safety net" and try to imagine that same safety net in ...

... rural Texas, in this Texas Tribune story about pregnant women trapped in poverty and then think about ...

... Tennessee, where your life may be threatened by your pregnancy and too fucking bad! (Pro Publica) Which is not much different from ...

... Georgia, with its rural maternity care deserts and outrageous rates of Black women dying. — Capital B News

Don't forget your abusive ex might try to bankrupt all your friends for giving you advice to get abortion! (Slate)

Fuck that was so many terrible tabs. One last, women!

Did you fuck up your children by being an "influencer"? Well not me, pictures of the wonkchildren are getting fewer and far betweener, mostly because the money-beg's only once a month. (Teen Vogue)

Or you could just move to Arkansas, and let Sarah Huckabee Sanders put them to work in a meatpacking plant for you! In Iowa, no civil remedies or workers comp if your teen gets injured in a previously illegal-for-children occupation. And like so much of the worsening American landscape, we've got the Koch Brothers (in this case, a decades-long pursuit of "abolition of child labor laws") to thank! — Popular Info

Popehat simply does not care for any of the litigants in The Fed Soc Asshole Judge vs. Asshole Stanford Students free speech case! (Substack)

Wank wank wank for Matt Lewis, but he is correct: Whoever comes after Mitch McConnell is going to be worse. — Daily Beast

Did you forget there's another voting machine defamation suit against Fox? Me too! Hiiii Smartmatic, hiiiii! (MSNBC)

Oh right, and the little matter of the soon-to-come indictment of Donald Trump. Atlanta Journal Constitution spoke with grand jurors, they seem lovely.

Incredible multimedia package on the houses of Rodanthe, North Carolina, falling into the sea. (Gift link Washington Post)

Relevantish! You know I'm a sucker for any article about converting office buildings to housing. New York Times (gift link) does a cool multimedia package showing how and when you can.

I read too many emails from Better Homes & Gardens, which means you read too many emails from Better Homes & Gardens, but I really do like these powder rooms! (No. 15 or GTFO.)

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