23 Neat Clutter-Free Kitchen Countertop Ideas To Keep Your Kitchen In Tip-top Shape! Tabs, Wed., July 7, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!


We all need to be more careful, even if we're vaccinated, and by "we all," I mean my family too and yours also. (John Pavlovitz thread)

Ask not what ... fuck it.

The crowd at the farm that afternoon reflected local demographics and the $150-per-head admission fee: Among the confirmed guests were a luxury swimwear designer; a San Diego flower-crown maker who drove over a hundred miles with her teen daughter to attend; a crystal purveyor; a "high vibe food" Instagram influencer; and a former fashion editor turned photographer. The homemade wood-fired pizzas were topped with organic squash blossoms. The dresses worn were Dôen. Range Rovers gleamed in the parking area.

Why Robert F. Kennedy Jr. can't stop spreading anti-vaxx poison. I lasted one more paragraph than the above, so: three. — Vanity Fair

Dok has thoughts, if he can ever stop laughing. They are VERY MEAN THOUGHTS (and hilarious). — National Review with some incel whining bullshit about how girls won't look at Trumpers' dongs :(

I'm not sure Liz is ever going to stop laughing either: Looks like Russia's "Cozy Bear" ransom-hacked the RNC :( (Bloomberg)

The Catholic church raised $4 million for First Nations survivors of its "residential schools," out of the $25 million it was aiming for. It raised $300 million for new buildings. Good Pope Francis, it is time to beat some ass of the temple's moneychangers. (CBC)

In which Harold Meyerson spanks Jonah Goldberg right on his tushy, "California recall" edition. (The American Prospect)

In which Eric Alterman spanks the Wall Street Journal right on its broadsheet, "lazy unemployed bums" edition. — TAP

Wow! This Woman Just Spent 40 Minutes Investigating A Twitter Beef Even Though She Has but One Life on God's Green Earth. STOP ATTACKING ME, THE REDUCTRESS!

But if I wasn't addicted to Twitter, how would I have seen this?

Sous viding the cucumber basil infused vodka? Liquor.com, you are getting ridiculous.

Let's all go workcation in Portugal! And Italy! And the Canary Islands! And all the places! — FlOasis

Pssst, the clutter-free countertops? Most aren't the worst I've ever seen on the Internet. (RinaWatt.com)

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