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Kyle Rittenhouse trial was a whole cluster of fuck yestertoday, with Rittenhouse performing the worst fake crying I've ever seen, the prosecutor bringing up prior bad acts the judge had told him not to, a proper reaming of said prosecutor, who was condescending and tried to mansplain the judge, and the defense calling for a mistrial — which, since the judge made a point of saying he believed the prosecutor was not acting "in good faith" could indeed preclude Rittenhouse from being tried again. Story at Reuters.

Wondering what the fuck the Kyle Rittenhouse judge was screaming at the prosecutor about? The evidence he had previously moved to introduce was a video of Rittenhouse punching a girl, and statements he made on video about wishing he had his AR-15 so he could shoot people he assumed had just robbed a CVS. (August story from Kenosha News)

How's all the gerrymandering going? Very well! And it's all thanks to the Supreme Court!

In North Carolina—a state almost evenly divided between Democrats and Republicans—the GOP has drawn a map that will award its candidates 11 out of 14 congressional seats as well as a supermajority in the legislature. In Wisconsin, a state that Joe Biden carried, Republicans have drawn themselves a legislative supermajority and six of eight congressional districts. In Texas, which Donald Trump carried by less than 6 points in 2020, Republicans gave themselves at least 24 of the states' 36 congressional districts. Although people of color made up 95 percent of the state's population growth over the past decade, GOP lawmakers mercilessly diluted their votes, handing white residents control over a supermajority of congressional and legislative districts. In Alabama, Republicans packed Black voters into a single district, giving themselves a 6–1 majority in their House delegation. The state is roughly 27 percent Black, but thanks to the new map, its racial minorities will not vote in a competitive congressional election this decade.

And there's ever so much more at Slate!

Remember when the Supreme Court decided "sincere religious belief" trumped the regulation of health insurance? Remember when it trumped "pandemic"? Well, looks like the Court may have found a "sincere religious belief" it doesn't accept, and you'll never guess what it is! (Vox)

Larry Klayman sued all the judges in the world, as a superlawyer does. — Court Listener

The pragmatic progressives! A happy behind-the-scenes of the caucus that's saving the president's agenda and not taking Joe Manchin's bait. (CNN)

Here's Jayapal with Maddow.

Pertinent! The "nine tribes" of American politics. Where are you? Just kidding, I already know which each of you is, individually, by name. — Pew

And this is why the only PACs I donate to are Giffords PAC and EMILY's List. Three men got indicted for their Trump and Hillary scam-PACs, which solicited $3.5 million in donations and spent $19. (DOJ release) CNN's K-File got the goods on one of these douches in July — he's an Instagram influencer, somehow — at length.(CNN)

About two weeks ago, the federal government released a scathing report about the school district in Davis, Utah, and its deliberate indifference to racist bullying by students and staff. Skip the rest of this paragraph if you need to: This weekend, a 10-year-old baby killed herself there. She took air freshener to school to wear as perfume, because the children cornered her on the playground and told her she stank. She said the teacher said hello to all the other children, but not to her. The Tribune lists instances of "relentless" racist harassment against Black children, and notes that white parents have other priorities: They are up in arms over "critical race theory" instead. — Salt Lake Tribune


I'm desperately trying to find more happy so we can all get up off the kitchen floor and reach the breakfast bourbon. How about Thanksgiving centerpieces from Elle Decor? Man, Elle Decor is good at its job.

Christmas mason jar crafts? Fuck yeh. (You can scroll down and avoid the slide show.) (Better Homes & Gardens)

Eh, those were mostly dumb. Much better is Christine McConnell's peppermint bark devil horns on a mason jar of cocoa stuff. Hit up "The Curious Creations of Christine McConnell," episode two, on Netflix.

Here we go! MAZEL MALALA!

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