24+ Times People Saw Entitled People Behaving Badly And Had To Act! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 9, 2022

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I am pretty sure these Las Vegas Review-Journal reporters are going to uncover every single thing this former Vegas official, whose DNA was allegedly found at the scene of their colleague Jeff German's murder while the official's murder disguise was allegedly found at his own home, has ever, ever, ever done. (The official, Democrat Robert Telles, has been arrested.) (Review-Journal)

From 2017, this really interesting Guardian article on the long-held plans for what they do when the Queen dies. (If you haven't heard, the Queen died.)

Mar-a-Lago a MAGNET for SPIES????? Please, The Guardian, tell us it is not so.

Here's a scary story! How Mike Lindell and some high school teacher red-pilled Mesa County elections official Tina Peters, and how craaaaaazy they all are now. (New Yorker)

Michigan GOP telling Republican poll workers to "just kind of be like spies" and break the rules, and "that's why you've got to do it in secret." They sure are something, aren't they? (CNN)

Sorry, that is hilarious.

"Kris Kobach can get fucked" — Kansas City Star verbatim, kind of (not verbatim)

This is ... interesting ... I guess. If you want to see what it takes for a police chief to speak with empathy of the mental travails of a Black person who just murdered a family. (It takes the murderer being a policeman.) — AP

Rep. Pramila Jayapal gives the intimate version of what it's like having armed people in front of your house screaming about killing you and whatnot. Bless you, Congresswoman. (Gift link Washington Post)

Why Republicans probably can't get standing to sue Joe Biden for canceling student debt. (With this Supreme Court, of course, that's "famous last words.") — The American Prospect

Yes, correct, Rebecca Traister in 2014: Women matter more than fetuses. (The New Republic)

Seems like Michigan AG Dana Nessel's 22-page amicus brief in support of the state supreme court telling the canvassing board that used "word spacing" to reject an abortion rights referendum — the most-signed petition in state history, with almost double the required signatures — to FUCK OFF ... wait, what was I trying to do with this ungodly sentence. ANYWAY SEEMS LIKE IT KNOWS SOME LAW. (Brief) And they did! (CNN) State supreme court order. (Order)

When should you get your fall booster shot? Ask Your Local Epidemiologist!

ENTITLED PEOPLE! (Food Is in the House)

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