24 Writer: Don't Copy Us, We Really Don't Have Time To Do It Right

David Fury -- who, despite his name, is not a Silver Age Marvel superhero but rather a writer for Fox's super-popular torture primer totally make-believe fiction show 24 -- has hit back by using some sort of industry insider term that won't really change the minds of anyone who thinks that people in Hollywood are high all the time:

It's disturbing to think that members of our military learning their techniques and training are getting it from entertainment like 24. One would think that their training would be far more extensive in the real world and that they'd understand that this is a heightened reality.

Look for "heightened reality" to become a new catch-all term for anyone anywhere who wants to act on things that aren't real. "Sure, we don't have any proof that the Iranian government is sending weapons to the Iraqi insurgents ... but we do in heightened reality!"

Anyway, we in the non-heightened-reality-based community shouldn't be following 24's lead, because it's morally wrong and it's ineffective, right?

It's very hard for us to adjust to a realistic depiction of torture, which usually goes on for weeks and months, when we only have 42 minutes for Jack to get information out of somebody.

It's a craft, really, one more suited for the miniseries format. We recommend reading the whole interview, only because the writer is billed throughout as "Mr. Fury."

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