25 Mega Mansions That Are Now Worthless! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 17, 2022

25 Mega Mansions That Are Now Worthless! Tabs, Thurs., Feb. 17, 2022

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Stelter explains how Trump's latest li'l hoax gets spread by liars and idiots. — CNN

Quintez Brown, a young Black Lives Matter activist, apparently had a mental break and tried to assassinate a dude running for Louisville mayor. Brown was almost instantly bailed out by a bail fund (which Republicans in Kentucky are currently trying to outlaw), and the organizers make good points about how bad the jails are and also nobody's getting mental health treatment in prison but there's also a lot of people who donated to bail funds who didn't think it'd be for attempted murder and shooting into a crowd. And hoooo boy is this going to make a lot of law-and-order assholes not necessarily wrong. What a goddamn mess. (Louisville Courier-Journal)

If you missed it in Dok's SF school board article, this school-renaming debacle is WOOF. — Mission Local

Okay, which of you witches infiltrated Greg Locke's wife's Bible book club? — Independent

Okay, which of you rightwing extremists infiltrated the nice normal Freedom Convoy? Molly Jong-Fast free newsletter, The Atlantic.

Trigger warning for I want to die.

If you couldn't see that tweet, it's horrifying:

“I’m risking everything I have,” said Jake Klassen, 39, who has been a truck driver for nearly two decades and drives three weeks of the month hauling loads to the U.S. as an owner-operator. “I want to be able to have my own choice.” [...]

Klassen said he hasn’t been able to visit his nine-year-old daughter in months. She is receiving palliative care at St. Amant, a care residence in Winnipeg, but due to restrictions that require visitors to be fully vaccinated, Klassen and his wife can’t see her.

“This is something worth fighting for,” he said.


Charles Harder taking notes at the Sarah Palin trial, no but literally actually taking notes. — Slate

Did Melania Trump buy her own dumb NFT at auction? Who fucking knows with these people. (Vice)

This on the unbelievably dumbfucking "non-baptisms" by a priest in the Catholic Church — he said "we baptize you" instead of "I baptize you" so thousands of baptisms, and thus confirmations and marriages, are considered illegitimate — is very good. (Matthew Dowd at MSNBC)

You've heard of copyright trolls. But what about ... copy-left trolls? Cory Doctorow was the wrong fucking blogger to try to grift. — Medium

I vibe shifted into sit-on-the-couch around about ... oh, seven years ago when I had a baby (RIP me), but this is v engagingly written even if I don't ultimately care:

“Is this about babies? Do you want to have a baby?” asks another friend, who just had a baby and wants company and refuses to understand that this is about vibes.

New York mag

Worthless mega-mansions. Bring em on. (Money Wise)

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