25 Worst Movies Ever! Tabs, Mon., March 28, 2022
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Oh shit, the New York Times noticed Joe Manchin killing the planet for his own wallet, and decided to actually report it out.

While the fact that Mr. Manchin owns a coal business is well-known [...]

it's not though! I didn't know he owned a coal business until the past year, and it is my job to yell at Joe Manchin like it is his job to fuck over poor families! Sheeit, we all knew about his daughter's business years before we knew about his. — Free article link NYT

Jobs don't pay anymore. People have nothing. And tucked into this family's story is just a tiny aside: The middle class used to have half the country's wealth. Now it has 17 percent. It's not fine. (Free link Washington Post)

At the risk of running out of free Washington Post guest links to give you before the end of the month (it's okay, I'll just demand Dok's), this list of questions the Senate Judiciary Committee can ask prospective Supreme Court justices instead of embarassing themselves by being a bunch of fucking jackasses like Ben Sasse called Lindsey Graham before explaining he wouldn't be voting for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson either, is excellent. — Radley Balko at WaPo

Clarence Thomas has been Black America's only representative on the Supreme Court for the last 30 years (he was sworn in after Thurgood Marshall retired). That's fucked up, son. (Hayes Brown at MSNBC)

Democrats did not defend their nominee, Judge KBJ. And Black women noticed. — MSNBC

Once again, if you are bitching about Merrick Garland, Marcy Wheeler is going to make you feel dumb and bad about it. (Emptywheel)

What the fuck with COVID murdering schizophrenic people three times more than people without it? Yes, they controlled for "don't get medical care," etc. — NPR

Russia gonna default like a common Trump. (MarketWatch)

This is extremely are you kidding me. Louisiana Supreme Court says a cop can sue DeRay because somebody who attended a protest he promoted on social media injured a cop. (KFWB)

Told you fitness is fascist. Or if I didn't, I meant to. — David Neiwert at Daily Kos

Hey, how is Detroit spending its American Rescue Plan funds? ON COOL SHIT. (SEEMS LIKE could spend some more on affordable housing, Detroit.) As opposed to Montana, which is spending its ARP $$ on "nothing," because you wouldn't want people to like government. — Detroit dot gov

Roy Edroso did Oscar predictions. Did he win? Was it yestertoday? I have seen none movies, but that's not new, I am middle aged, cheap and lazy. (Alicublog)

Oh man this Polynesian pineapple beef looks fuckin good in my crock pot. I added two large heads of broccoli instead of bell peppers, because I did not have bell peppers. Also fresh chopped pineapple because your comrade Vegan and Peeara told me pineapples mean hospitality, so I always have them now no matter what. (Taste of Home)

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