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Surprisingly good AP story on Joe Biden's trip to Selma on Sunday, framed from the POV of the Rev. William Barber and others demanding the president not sully the late John Lewis's name with platitudes, but honor it with real movement on voting rights. When's the last time you saw a mainstream news story framed like that! Separately, an AP story on restoring felons' voting rights is also framed as "Florida is weird, everyone else is getting pretty good about this civic niceness, restoring voting rights, which is nice." Liking this AP!

Jim Jordan's "whistleblowers" of LOL. (MaddowBlog)

A deeper more historianish look at Jim Jordan's "whistleblowers," the saddest sacks of sub-Mike-Flynn nutbaggery somehow once employed by "governments." — Heather Cox Richardson

Democrats' "whistleblowers" report.


North Carolina, yew finally gon get some expanded Medicaid! (WRAL)

This Texas bill that would lower property taxes for married straight people with kids and NO OTHERS seems to unconstitutionally discriminate on the basis of sex, but I am not a Supreme Court justice so what do I know. — Rolling Stone

Texas Republicans censured Rep. Tony Gonzales for wanting to do something for his constituents in Uvalde, like maybe stopping their children from getting murdered by guns. (AP)

The dildo saleswoman convincing neo-Nazis to kill more people. So that's a baddildo saleswoman instead of a good dildo saleswoman. — HuffPost

Noah Smith on the absolute disasters of the 2000s (I mean, yeah, if you want to list them!) and yet kids were happy and healthy and kind. Interesting! (NoahPinion)

All of a sudden I am on Pinterest all day? WHO AM I AND WHAT I HAVE DONE WITH THE EDITRIX. Like what, what even is this! And I can't stop looking at pictures of like tomatoes and shit. Anyway, here's 24 edible gardens! (Garden Design) Wonkette's pinterest is pinterest.com/wonkettemedia, I don't even know how to log into it, I just yell at Shy REMEMBER TO ADD THE FRIDAY COCKTAIL TO THE PINTEREST and he either does or doesn't, sorry Wonkette's pinterest is not the home of all my pretty saved sheds.

Speaking of, have you looked up which of your local CSA's you'll be supporting by giving them MONEY in exchange for VEGETABLES this spring and summer, if you are able? I have! Hello Beaverland Farms!

Meanwhile, the wonderful Civil Eats' newsletter is chock-full of reporting on the every-five-years farm bill, but they haven't put it on the website yet. (I think the newsletter gives the website stories early for subscribers.) So here's what's on their site now, about the midterms and whether that would fuck hungry people and farmers. (PROBABLY!)

Fancy secret easy apps aqui! (PureWow)

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