27 Things '60s Kids Did That Would Horrify Us Now! Tabs, Mon., April 26, 2021

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You know that dipshit who testified George Floyd died of "car exhaust"? Maryland's just looking into every case he ever signed off on as medical examiner. (NPR)

Arizona Senate is auditing the Maricopa County vote (yes, from last November) and it is not going awesome, because they are cranks and idiots and bad at their jobs. (AZ Central)

The worst provision of a very bad law: Superlawyer (but not ironically) Marc Elias explains the part of the Georgia voter suppression law that allows for mass voter challenges. — Democracy Docket

Elections expert Rick Hasen runs down various and sundry vote grab laws around the country. (New York Times)

Donald Trump and former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got plaaaaaayed. Tech manufacturer and serial ghoster Foxconn is down to 10 percent of the jobs and ... ??? it promised to deliver to Wisconsin for $10 billion in subsidies — smart money says it will soon be "zero" — and the locals in Racine got hosed for half a billion in startup costs. Background (one of their MANY excellent stories on the catastrophe) here at The Verge; update at The American Prospect.

Oh are people refusing to work at minimum wage jobs? Rayne at Emptywheel thinks people bitching about it should fuck the fuck off.

This man is angry. At what? What have you got? Dave Milner, "The Brazenness of Australian Oligarchy," The Shot.

Siri, I'm Getting Pulled Over. (Business Insider)

Brian Grubb asks: Should we give the 2021 Best Picture Oscar to 2018 ensemble comedy Game Night? And then he answers. PS I guess the Oscars happened last night and they PROBABLY didn't give it to Game Night, who knows not me! (Uproxx)

And only because I also want to see the things that should have killed us all too, 27 things '60s kids did that would horrify us now. Pffft, I am a '70s kid! (Country Living)

Fancy damn home bars. (Architecture Art Designs)

I want to cook and bake with rose water. But howwww? — Taste of Home

Okay. Lemon cardamom and rose posset. (Milk and Cardamom)

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