$28 Million Georgetown Murder Scene Bought by Aspiring Media Mogul, Natch

Remember the 31st and Q mansion we mentioned last week? The most expensive home ever bought in Washington? The one where an aspiring British politician had his throat slit in the driveway last July? Reliable Source revealed the buyers yesterday: Robert and Elena Allbritton!

Come learn who they are with us, after the jump.

Robert Allbritton is a rich Texan whose family chaired Riggs Bank until it ran into a slight money-laundering problem and was sold. His family was forced in 2005 to pay millions of dollar to victims of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet after they invited him to use their bank to hide the millions he stole from Chile.

The Allbrittons have been aspiring media moguls since the 1970s, when Joe took the reigns of the Washington Star during its wheezing last days. But they're giving it another shot with a little venture called "The Politico," a new media bloggular cross-platform electrionic iPhoning news venture whose business plan thus far has been to leech journos from the Post the The Hill with huge checks and promises of magic beans. It'll eventually be another damn newspaper and a website. But The Politico will be the only damn newspaper/website whose owner lives in a lavish mansion-cum-Sunset Boulevard-esque gruesome crime scene.

Correction: We conflated Robert Allbritton with his dad Joe, which is pretty dumb and probably why we didn't get hired to work for his new revolutionary website boondoggle.

Reliable Source [WP]

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