30+ Genius Granny Life Hacks That Work So Well! Tabs, Fri., Nov. 5, 2021

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Nobody can shut up about the milk. Christopher Ingraham does Real Inflation Math instead of whatever the fuck that was CNN did. — The Why Axis

Media pretty convinced ALL DEMS WILL LOSE FOREVER now. So that's new wait no it isn't. (Eric Boehlert at Press Run)

Cultural elite chin-strokers bemoaning the chilling effect of "cancel culture" (but not the chilling effect of BANNING FUCKING TONI MORRISON NOVELS) are fucking idiots, and racism sells. — Hamilton Nolan at In These Times

An oldie but a goodie: "Fire the Consultants." (Washington Monthly)

You know, we don't have to lie down and let the lunatics win the state secretary of state races. — NPR

Nerd out with the White House on tracking supply chain disruptions, what they are, and what they're doing to FIX IT.


Economist Claudia Sahm on the changes the expanded Child Tax Credit (good changes! maybe some knock on effects people should be aware of!) will make to the economy, but part of it is a (short) podcast so that's annoying and I will never ever ever learn what she said in it, because podcast. — Claudia Sahm substack

Fed Chair Jerome Powell says get your freak on, baby hippies, quit those jobs. (Business Insider) A glossary for the brave new Take This Job and Shove It world. (Business Insider)

Price of meat going to keep going up because they can't rely on desperate workers for their horrible jobs anymore. Also, a third of the industry was foreign-born, so, what happens when you throw out all the immigrants? It's a puzzler. — Bloomberg

Supreme Court wilding. — Molly Jong-Fast at The Atlantic

I love this profile of Nikole Hannah-Jones. (Vanity Fair)

This makes me so sad, these little Brandons chanting "she's a whore" until the female goalie cried. — Yahoo Sports

Cervical cancer, YOU'RE OUTTA HERE! No. Really. It pretty much doesn't exist anymore, thanks HPV vaccine! (Lancet)

How to pickle asparagus right in your fridge! (Department of Salad)

Time to dig up your herb garden, bring it inside, unless you live in California or whatnot. — Better Homes & Gardens

I love these granny hacks. Salt, baking powder, and bacon for all! (Why These)

Spacepig Press plants a tree for every order and bangs out your snarky stationery on antique presses!

Geeks With Sundries has stationery but also has soaps and scrubs and oils for your beardo!

Paul and Kiki are making you DECODE their secret recipes before you cook them? THOSE MONSTERS. (Amazon, Wonkette cut link!)

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