30 'New' Hillary Clinton Benghazi Emails A Big Pile Of Nothing. VERY CONTROVERSIAL NOTHING

What is she hiding? WHAT IS SHE HIDING?

So you probably heard last week about the DEVASTATING cache of 30 NEW BENGHAZI EMAILS the FBI found in its investigation of Hillary Clinton's email server. Donald Trump was of course shocked and appalled, telling an August 31 rally in Everett, Washington, the emails are even more proof that Hillary Clinton is a lying liar who can never be trusted:

"Now, today, another 30 emails were discovered by the State Department that Hillary Clinton failed to turn over -- these were emails about Benghazi" [...]

“It just never ends with the Clintons,” he opined. “There is only one way to get justice in this totally rigged system -- and it’s a rigged system when they did nothing about the crimes that she committed. It’s a rigged system. Remember that.”

The wingnuttosphere has been buzzing with excitement over these 30 emails, which surely had proof of Clinton's issuing a "stand down" order and possibly of her personally aiming the mortar rounds that killed CIA security contractors at the Benghazi annex. So what's in 'em, Politico? Turns out to be a big pile of nothing new at all:

[In] a court filing early Wednesday morning, government lawyers said a closer review of the records the FBI located revealed only one of the messages was entirely absent from those produced by previous State Department searches: a flattering note sent by a veteran U.S. diplomat following her testimony on Benghazi before a Senate panel in January 2013.

Well, that's pretty shocking! We bet that was simply chock full of conspiracy!

"I watched with great admiration as she dealt with a tough and personally painful issue in a fair, candid and determined manner," then-U.S. Ambassador to Brazil Thomas Shannon wrote in a message sent to State Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills official account and forwarded on by Mills to Clinton's personal one. "I was especially impressed by her ability to turn aside the obvious efforts to politicize the events in Benghazi, reminding Americans of the tremendous sacrifice made by Chris Stevens and his colleagues but also insisting that our ability to play a positive role in the world and protect U.S. interests requires a willingness to take risks."

Still, it's new! Why haven't we seen it before? What else is Hillary hiding? Time for more hearings! We bet if we keep looking, there'll be a huge shocker in here!

"In response to a Benghazi-related FOIA request, after completing its review of the set of documents previously identified as potentially responsive, State has determined that there is one responsive document that is not a duplicate of the documents provided by former Secretary Clinton in December 2014 and that had not been previously provided to Judicial Watch in this case," State spokesman Mark Toner said. "The email does not change the facts that have previously been made clear about the Benghazi attacks."

Two other emails found by the FBI were "near duplicates" of previously produced messages, State's lawyers said. The FBI provided files simply showed that Clinton had asked an assistant to print out the emails. One contained an end-of-year message she sent to staffers across the department in 2012. Another was a note from a former advance staffer for Clinton, Rick Jasculca, praising her for her response to the Benghazi attack.

Astonishing! Lock her up! Needless to say, Judicial Watch, the rightwing whackaloon outfit that sued for the release of the documents, is not satisfied with that characterization of the emails as "near duplicates" of other, already-released documents, because there could be a crucial comma proving Hillary Clinton unfit to be president. Just what are the differences? According to Politico,

Some of the messages contain what State called "internal technical metadata" that the FBI captured or added as it retrieved the messages.

Clearly, the fate of the Republic is on the line. Can we trust Hillary Clinton with our national security when the FBI's handling of recovered and forwarded email actually adds little strings of numbers and letters to the messages? Maybe if all the metadata were converted into a MIDI music file and played backward, we'd finally hear Hillary say "I buried Paul" and "Turn me on, dead man."

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