30 People Who Got Called Out For Lying On Social Media! Tabs, Tues., March 17, 2020

30 People Who Got Called Out For Lying On Social Media! Tabs, Tues., March 17, 2020

World Health Organization director says TEST TEST TEST TEST TEST. I'm sure we'll have those four million tests any minute now. Or even 1.7 million. Or even a million. Or even 50,000. (LA Times)

It's official: Trump broke Obama's expansion and has his very own recession. It was inevitable with any Republican president; didn't have to be President Actual Lunatic Moron. (LAT)

A complete list of Donald Trump's attempts to downplay coronavirus. (New York Times)

Someone else was thinking about it seven weeks ago. Can you guess who?

Boris Johnson convinced to be less stupid about the same time Donald Trump was. — Buzzfeed

Trump gonna pick some winners and losers. (Airlines, oil companies, not you.) — CNBC

Mar-a-Lago closed for some deep coronavirus cleaning. (Talking Points Memo)

I saw a stupid Larry Sabato tweet about Ohio shouldn't cancel today's election because it could be "abused." That's stupid, it COULD be abused, but in this case it WASN'T abused. But Dahlia Lithwick asks if we should trust Trump with emergency powers and that's a whole other kettle of lol fuck. (Slate)

What is Bill de Blasio's DEAL? Mayor Resisted Harsh Steps on Virus. Then Aides Said They'd Quit.Mayor Bill de Blasio hesitated to close schools and restaurants, but pushback from advisers changed his mind. He still went to the gym today. — New York Times


This is an interesting little ditty from Jon Chait on how hard it will be to change the more of social distancing. (New York mag) It reminds me of the idiots on "Avenue 5" (watch on HBO!) who SEE the people freeze outside the space lock and STILL think it's SFX.

Spain has nationalized all its private hospitals. (Business Insider)

Lawyers Guns & Money has some Thoughts on Tom Cotton "outflanking" Democrats "from the Left." (It is what SER said yesterday, but I love LGM. Even though SER obviously said it longer, and funnier.)

Steve Bannon and Katie Hopkins having, I don't know, a coronavirus bathtub party I guess. And nothing of value was lost. — Media Matters

Ms. Starr's description of how she feels about coronavirus is both vivid and surprisingly illustrates at how I felt about Elizabeth Warren dropping out at the beginning of all this. Good Wall Street Journal article on how it's changing our life all at once:

In Austin, University of Texas freshman Soleste Starr, 18, had already packed and was playing her guitar on an empty lawn as she awaited a ride back to her home in Houston. The school extended spring break, and informed students that its president's wife and another family member had tested positive with the virus. Ms. Starr said she is terrified of the idea of potentially taking the virus home to her 61-year-old father and elderly grandparents.

Ms. Starr said she felt helpless, and described her general mood as "Nihilism...like a chartreuse green, to be honest: Violently ill but still mellow."

Anne Therieault writes up Mary Magdalene. That's a clickin'!

How Greta Thunberg learned to stop wasting away with despair and take control of her (and our!) destiny. (WaPo)

This is a tasty coconut chicken. (It's not REALLY coconut chicken, though it has both those things. Still tasty though!) I cook it much longer after I've added the coconut milk, until it's falling apart, and use stock instead of bullion and water. Also, we reallllly should have bought more than two onions, we'll see if it's terrible without them! (Cooks.com)

Wonkette loves you and wants you to be happy. Be careful out there.

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