30+ Ridiculous Instagram Editing Fails That Exposed Fake Pictures! Tabs, Fri., Oct. 30, 2020

30+ Ridiculous Instagram Editing Fails That Exposed Fake Pictures! Tabs, Fri., Oct. 30, 2020
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador! See the archive at https://giphy.com/channel/antiderpomeme

Cool cool, Idaho lieut gov driving around with gun and Bible to protest not getting to kill people with COVID. How many of Idaho's rep's can you spot saying the virus is fake? (Statesman)

One True Journalist Glenn Greenwald emails with editors who exceedingly politely take his "Joe Biden corrupt because Hunter Biden's laptop" story APART, line by line, while inviting him to write a narrower story that isn't embarrassing disinfo shit, and Glenn Greenwald, as proof of his Glenn Greenwaldness, just ... he just tweets it out. (Glenn Greenwald's Email Forward)

And the editors, well, they have some words. Don't miss this one. — The Intercept

If you didn't see it yesterday, this longread by David Neiwert explains at (very readable!) length Glenn Greenwald's happy associations with the far Right, including actual Nazis whose acolytes mass-murdered people. — Orcinus

What more-prog-than-you Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, and Julian Assange really think. Hint, they suck! This one's a classic! (The New Republic)

The last days of Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani and their wacky disinfo schemes! What busy busy boys! — Mother Jones

Here's an entirely different Hunter Biden disinfo, its fake "author," and the people who admit writing it before Q linked it out. — NBC News

Stupid Joe Biden ad making me cry.

I think Treasury secretary is beneath Elizabeth Warren — Chuck Schumer should step aside for Majority Leader Warren if'n you ask me, and you did — but if she wants it, she should have it, and this says she does. (Politico)

Well this is a nice story about Kamala Harris's husband, Doug Emhoff. — Washington Post

Why "Racist-Americans" and "Americans of Racism" — your Ben Shapiros and National Reviews — are wedded to Trump's racism. Good Jonathan Chait at New York mag.

Here's a fabulous story on how Houston opened up its polls WIDE. (NBC News)

Don't expect a contested election. A Joe Biden landslide looks more likely. — Charlie Cook at National Journal

Laid off Ohio GM workers? Not super happy with Trump, weird! — Guardian

None of us here know what this is like at all: "Donald Trump and his campaign are poisoned by toxic levels of being Extremely Online." — Jane Coaston at Vox

Also Extremely Online? This delightfully uninformed tech idiot who actually owns some sort of company! ("Soylent"?)

"Did you know Biden threw innocent Guatemalans in jail because they did not give a government contract to his company Hunter Medical Devices?" he asks, with no hyperlinks or evidence. A Google search for "Hunter Medical Devices" turns up just three pages of results with no relevant hits aside from Rhinehart's own blog.

And that, and a million other insane things that are far too numerous to blockquote, is Why He'll Be Voting For Kanye. — Vice

Well hello 17-page House doc on the HHS propaganda COVID/election campaign! Get in Dok's belly! (House.gov)

This is a beautifully reported story on how the Trump admin interfered for Turkey with the Justice Department's Halkbank prosecution. I had forgotten "Attorney General Matthew Whitaker" even existed! — New York Times

Did you see the Jon Ossoff/David Perdue debate? So did David Perdue.

From the comments: Different academic theories on what the fuck happened to the children of Hamelin. (Wik)

Goddammit Bon Appetit,61 pies.

2020 Sh!tshow: It's WINE! And everything else. — Food and Wine

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