30 Things You Didn't Know About Dirty Dancing! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 21, 2020

30 Things You Didn't Know About Dirty Dancing! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 21, 2020
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"What we have here is a failure to communicate" is an actual quote from this story, so that is the quote I will go with even though other quotes are way more pertinent and also are like "Trump is mad at the post office for doing business with American company Amazon, so the post office cannot deliver masks to Americans," so ... yeah. How Trump fucked off the coronavirus, again, some more. (Washington Post)

Deborah Birx is sneaking around seeing her family, and her son-in-law's sister narced her out. This is the first time I've felt for her in a while, but yeah, nah. (AP)

Condoleezza Rice I mean whoever is the governor of Tennessee couldn't imagine there'd be such a bad outbreak after Thanksgiving. Listen to this fucking idiot:

"Tennesseans and the decisions of some over Thanksgiving to ignore advice and to meet anyway resulted in cases that we did not, we couldn't have imagined the case rise that quickly or we certainly didn't want to imagine that. Those are decisions that people have made in their homes with one another that could've been made otherwise," Governor Lee said.

News Channel 9

Oh no, I don't have any COVID symptoms, said Gwyneth Paltrow in Contagion the man who boarded the plane and then died of COVID after three people did CPR on him, the man with COVID. (TMZ)

Boris Johnson is having to cancel Christmas because of a new even more transmissible strain of coronavirus, but please do at least scroll down to the picture of people shopping in Oxford Circus, maybe it's regular transmissible, but all his people are walking around with their masks on their cunting chins. — New York Times

Trump Is Losing His Mind. Yes, Republican Pete Wehner writing at The Atlantic, yes he is.

Republicans trying to destroy the economy for a Democrat president? Well I never! (The New Republic)

No, it's true. All of a sudden, they're trying to take away the Fed's power to loan money and also are objecting to *spending money that's already been allocated.* — New York Times


As of Sunday night there's a "deal" and it has to do with rescinding unspent CARES Act moneys because ... because. Anyway yay or whatever. (Politico) Well look at this though! It also includes a fix (industry-friendly but a fix) for surprise medical bills! And somehow Nancy Pelosi punched Richie Neal in the face until he signed on! (Also Politico)

This white supremacist got arrested kidnapping a 12-year-old. (Buzzfeed) Why yes, you have met him before! (Wonkette)

Oh Virginia, yes LET'S replace Robert E. Lee with teenage civil rights hero Barbara Johns at the US Capitol's Statuary Hall! — Richmond

Rosa Luxembourg: Who was the revolutionary socialist and author? Heart you, Teen Vogue!

A human woman — a smart, successful, married one, the one who broke the news about the investigation into him back when nobody knew who he was — has fallen in love with Martin Shkreli. I am making a confused Tucker Carlson face right now. Oh no it gets worse. (Elle)

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