35 Casting Mistakes That Ruined Famous Movies! Tabs, Mon., June 14, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Oh hey, Joe Biden went to G7, here is CNN with 142 updates on when he went to London and met the Queen. (If you can read that without seeing Richard Scarry in your braineye, you are a better man than I.) (CNN)

Three takeaways from the G7. — CNN

Trump put wire tapps in the bottom of his own White House Counsel, Don McGahn ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (New York Times)

Dad draws gun in road rage incident, shoots 9-year-old son, is not expected to face charges. Guess he's not a Black dad. — ABC News

It's no Total Eclipse of the Heart Literal Video Version (thanks commenters!) but this is a good song.

Judge halts USDA program to forgive loans for farmers of color, who can point to decades upon centuries of state action that discriminated against them. Fuck you, judge. (WPR)

Judge tells unvaxxed hospital workers to get the fuck out. Fuck you, unvaxxed hospital workers! — AOL

UCSF Dept of Medicine chair thinks through what the Delta COVID-19 variant might mean. Not as terrifying as I was worrying! Maybe! But worrisome enough! Get vaxxed. (I know, I know, you already did.) (Twitter thread unroll)

The Everywhereist would like to know, is this how we have a conversation? She can't remember. Hugging and boobs and smells and definitely not swinging not that there's anything wrong with swinging, she would never judge. — Everywhereist

Everyone remember to do your weed! — NORML

Reading the Lafayette Park IG report more closely, and Trump and Bill Barr can go fuck themselves. (NYC Southpaw)

Goodbye Ned Beatty. Goodbye.

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