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Oh hey, Congress fixed the Clean Air Act to allow the EPA to regulate carbon, like it already said. Good job, Congress! Go fuck yourself, Supreme Court! — Gift link New York Times

North Carolina SCOTUS rules the state's gerrymandering is so bad it can't claim to represent the will of the people. Don't worry, The US SCOTUS has already promised to rule on the question "can a state supreme court even review anything the lege says, yes or no" next term! (News & Observer)

Abortion is biiiig problem for actual lunatic Doug Mastriano in the Pennsylvania suburbs. Allah willing and the creek don't rise. (WHYY)

The entire elections staff for Fredericksburg, Texas, up and quit after threats and harassment because Donald Trump, at nearly 80 percent, didn't win by enough. — PBS

If you or a loved one has a stroke, you or they are gross and bad. — Dr Oz. That's just very good politics. (Insider)

This man was sad to see the Carrie's Mom trying to (and succeeding in!) ban all the books for Gay was the same woman who had banned him for Gay. Readers, she is his mother, and this story is sad. — NBC News

Dallas Morning News says the autobiography of a grandson of enslaved people, who learned to read at 98, isn't necessarily barred from the school that bears his name, necessarily. “'It was determined that content in certain sections of this book was not appropriate for this age group,'” [district spox Brandie] Egan wrote. The process to evaluate which sections of the book are appropriate is still underway, she added. 'To our knowledge, the book in its entirety was not used for instruction last year.'” So it's just not appropriate for a certain age group, the age group that is enrolled in the school. Maybe Mr. George Dawson tells some rollicking stories of drug sex and sex drugs, and those sections aren't appropriate. Or maybe the sections where he is Black.

Gross-yuck-scary Andrew Tate (Robyn story here) and how he and other influencers like him serve as a pipeline to Steve Bannon and Actual Nazis.

The strategy is simple. Far-right online influencers position themselves as "self-help" gurus, ready to offer advice on making money, working out, or, crucially, attracting female attention. But it's a bait-and-switch. Rather than getting good advice on money or health, audiences often are hit with pitches for cryptocurrency scams or useless-but-expensive supplements. And, even worse, rather than being offered genuine guidance on how to be more appealing to women, they're encouraged to blame women — and especially feminism — for their dating woes.

Amanda Marcotte at Salon

I would also love to vacation in Italy some day, and Martini I will definitely one day see you in Paris avec la grande reina de mi coeur Miss Donna Rose. HOWEVER. I might not bitchtweet about KING JOE BIDEN lolling around DELAWARE while I vacationed on an Italian yacht. "Rick Scott's Ill-Timed Italian Vacation." (Axios) And ....

Rick Scott tweet: Another week of President Biden vacationing in Delaware vs. working at the White House.

Hey let's all learn to do the journalism things I never learned to do! Carrie teaches you to confirm a degree, look up licenses and business filings, and access court documents. (Maximum Fun)

Because this:

A bacon and egg salad Andrew Zimmern gave Emily Nunn and she gave to YOU! (Department of Salad)

No, do not redo your kitchen floors with contact paper, my god. Not your best kitchen updates, My DIWise, in fact, they are bad and they should feel bad.

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