36 Karens Agree: Requiring Schoolkids To Be Vaccinated Is EXACTLY Like Jim Crow

36 Karens Agree: Requiring Schoolkids To Be Vaccinated Is EXACTLY Like Jim Crow

This weekend, we brought you the story of the anti-vaxxer lady who threw a menstrual cup filled with blood at California lawmakers in hopes that this would convince them to let people send their unvaccinated children to school. It should not have gotten more ridiculous then that, but here we are! Because apparently, this protest has now reached the point where all of the very affluent white ladies are comparing their "struggle" to that of the Civil Rights movement — to the point where they are walking down hallways actually singing "We Shall Overcome."

Via Politico:

A chorus of mostly white women sang the gospel song "We Shall Overcome" in the California State Capitol, an anthem of the civil rights movement. Mothers rallied outside the governor's office and marched through Capitol corridors chanting "No segregation, no discrimination, yes on education for all!" Some wore T-shirts that read "Freedom Keepers."

But this wasn't about racial equality. In the nation's most diverse state, protesters opposed to childhood vaccine mandates — many from affluent coastal areas — had co-opted the civil rights mantle from the 1960s, insisting that their plight is comparable to what African Americans have suffered from segregationist policies.

This is bad. This is very bad. It gets worse if you click on the Politico link and see the picture of these ladies carrying a large banner that reads "This Is The New Civil Rights Movement."

Now, I happen to be a white lady who also feels very importantly about a whole lot of causes. Always have! "Always on about something, that one," you might say about me. Heck, I launched my very first petition in 5th grade — to eliminate the standard practice of the same two popular kids always getting to choose teams in gym class. By high school, I was really hoping to free both Tibet and Mumia by my senior year — a plan which, I am sad to say, has still not worked out.

And yet, with all of my many causes, I have never felt the need to compare a thing to Jim Crow that was obviously nothing like Jim Crow. Yes, even the gym class thing. This is not because I did not feel that strongly about these issues. Rather, it is because that is a completely absurd thing to do; because it would be very obviously insulting to people who actually lived through all of that. It's also not necessary! Because if a thing is bad, you don't need to compare it to Jim Crow to get people to understand how bad it is.

Not being able to send your kids to school without their vaccines is not the same thing as Jim Crow anymore than it is like the Holocaust, the Spanish Inquisition, the cast of WKRP in Cincinnati, or the color turquoise. It is not "segregation." It is not discrimination based on something they cannot help. It is a safety precaution for other students. Just like how the kids who had mono have to stay home for a month or until they are no longer infectious. Just like how John Travolta couldn't invite people to hang out in his plastic bubble in that movie where he played a boy in a plastic bubble. Or how you can't board your pet unless they've had all of their shots. It's just common sense!

No one is saying that these people can't refuse to vaccinate their kids (although honestly they should) [I am saying it Robyn -- Editrix] — they are just saying that if they don't want to vaccinate them, they will have to make other arrangements for schooling. That is it! And it's not because they don't like these children or because they want to hurt these children, but because they don't want to have to deal with another measles or whooping cough outbreak. Because they have to make their schools safe for the immunocompromised children who actually cannot get vaccines and could actually die were they to get one of these diseases.

I invite you now to enjoy this video from one of the protests, which features one white lady with dreads and another woman telling the tragic story of how the whooping cough vaccine made her daughter allergic to avocados, because avocado was the first thing she ate after getting it. This is definitely how allergies work!

Parents Protest California New Vaccine Bills In Sacramentowww.youtube.com

That being said, these people have every right to their beliefs in their stupid cause. But for heaven's sake, they might do well to consider having enough class to leave "We Shall Overcome" out of it.


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