367 Days Ago, John McCain Pledged To Bring Bottled Hot Water To Dehydrated Babies


One year ago yesterday minus a day, John McCain deliveredthe speech of the century to a small smattering of embittered retirees haunting an abandoned Bingo hall in Louisiana. Meanwhile, a young upstart Muslin named Hussein "Barack" Obama cast a sorcerer's spell over a large crowd of innocents in St. Paul and told them that yes, he would be their nominee for Preznet if they insisted. Do you remember, America? Do you remember the terrible death-rictus stretched across John McCain's crumbling skull as he uttered the immortal words, "That's nnnnot ch-ch-cha-chaaange you can bb-huh-lieve in"? Let's celebrate this milestone anniversary and laugh again.

Whatever happened to that guy, anyway? How does he feel about this Mexican judge and stuff?


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