4 Hanukkah Cocktails You Need To Make This Year! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 12, 2022

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4 Hanukkah Cocktails You Need To Make This Year! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 12, 2022

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Detroit and Detroit-drivable folks! Don't forget a party this Sunday, Dec. 18, 3-7ish p.m. at our house! Email me at rebecca at wonkette dot com to RSVP and get our address! We love you.

House Republicans promise to investigate COVID aid, and I think ... that's a really good idea, and they absolutely should. They're all like GOTCHA and we are like OVERSIGHT YAY. (Accountable) Meanwhile! Senate Democrats are planning to use their new investigative power to probe corporate malfeasance heart heart heart :D (NBC News)

Can Senator Sinema point to one time, one, ever, that Democrats have done this?

“When politicians are more focused on denying the opposition party a victory than they are on improving Americans’ lives, the people who lose are everyday Americans,” she wrote in the op-ed.

No? Democrats rather famously will take one for the team if it's something that has to happen for America? K thanks. — AZ Mirror

Hard-thinking-face emoji!

The end of an election cycle leaves us with myriad questions: Who got fucked? Who did the fucking? Who fucked up? My favorite question is one that can be agonizing if you're asking it about your own side, but it's delicious when you're asking it about your opponents. "Who fucked themselves?" implies that a strategy not only failed; it worked to actively harm the strategizers. An even better version of this is when the strategy involves fuckers working intensely to fuck others but ending up fucking the fuckers.

The Rude Pundit just gets it.

What is Marjorie Taylor Greene's definition of "rude"? It is "not inviting Marjorie Taylor Greene." (Queerty)

Surprisingly, it is not this:

Sorry about your breakfast :(

Words: Do they mean stuff? Mississippi Ethics Commission affirms "Mississippi Legislature" not a "public body." — Mississippi Free Press

Oh yeah, you know Twitter's had a bias for the rightwing forever, right? Here's their own (year-old) study on it. (Guardian) And that's why you need Cory Doctorow to nerd out at you over the "freedom of reach" vs. "freedom of speech" debate, including a primer on the rent extraction practices of old Ma Bell. (Pluralistic) Eric Levitz points out all the outright mendacity in "the Twitter Files," and the even worse egregious lies Elon Musk is telling about them. (New York mag) And Adam Serwer explains that "freedom of speech" should be understood only as the right to say what conservatives want you to say. Plus ca change or something, I don't speak French. (Atlantic)

Trump's campaign so far? An "epic act of self-sabotage." You know it's bad when Herschel Walker is implicitly rebuking him :D — New Yorker

There's a really ugly new building across the street from the editors of NPlusOne mag, and they are going to tell you about it AT LENGTH. (IT SOUNDS VERY BAD!)

Hanukkah cocktails! (Food and Wine)

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