40+ Airbnb And Hotel Fails That Make Us Happy To Stay Home! Tabs, Tues., July 6, 2021

40+ Airbnb And Hotel Fails That Make Us Happy To Stay Home! Tabs, Tues., July 6, 2021
Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Should fully vaccinated people continue to (or restart) wear masks again? I for one am just grateful that apparently every single one of the shoppers and employees in the Polson, Montana, Safeway on Sunday were fully vaccinated except myself. Yes, every single one. (Not every single one.) Anyway: Doctors say yes, and the CDC is underwhelming me in the departments of fortitude and balls. (NBC News)

Still halfway through Ronan Farrow and Jia Tolentino's New Yorker tab on Britney Spears's conservatorship — she's almost 40 goddamn years old! — and it certainly isn't the point, but of course Peter Thiel thug Charles Harder shows up to make a cameo as rep to her gross evangelical business manager, appointed over Spears's objections.

"The Man: A compilation." — Rebecca Hazelton at Kenyon Review

Ada County, Idaho, commissioners picked the non-lunatic candidate for sheriff, for values of "non-lunatic compared to the other guys, who actually say stuff like 'the Jews did it,' instead of just promising to refuse to obey federal laws about guns." Yay. — Boise Dev

More coronavirus relief for farmers, maybe now they will stop suing the Department of Agriculture for the tort of "they tried to give grants to Black people," LOL just kidding, they will never stop suing about that. (AgWeek)


The agency granted loans to only 37 percent of Black applicants last year in one program that helps farmers pay for land, equipment and repairs but accepted 71 percent of applications from white farmers, according to a POLITICO analysis of USDA data. In a grant program to help producers weather the coronavirus pandemic, farmers of color received less than one percent of the payments even though they are five percent of all U.S. farmers.

Is there more? There is more! — "Rampant Issues: Black Farmers Still Left Out At USDA." (Politico)

Joe Biden's big left economic turn: hearthug emoji! — Rebecca Traister at New York mag

Learn a thing! Why the Supreme Court's hostility to "Bivens claims" means you can't sue your lawless abusive neighborhood po-lice. — Reason

It is time to protect the election certification process. Well, you heard Marc Elias! It's time! (Democracy Docket)

I think ... I hope Kathryn Garcia wins the NYC mayoral race? This looks like trig to me. — Garcia ranked choice voting memo

"Bill Barr Piece of Shit" is not Elie Honig's headline, but it could be. (CNN)

All Caitlin Flanagan wanted was to shit-talk Naomi Wolf, so I like Caitlin Flanagan now. (Okay, I also liked her when she FLAMBEED private schools.) "You Really Need to Quit Twitter" in The Atlantic.

Jimmy and Rosalynn 75 years later. Nice Time, from AP. And below, the Carters with Judy Woodruff yestertonight.

With a wee twitter to-do yesterday about "look at this cool athlete lesbian who was murdered by the French Resistance," but it turns out mayyyyyybe she wasssssn't a Nazi (maybe), here are some lesbians (who maybe would have identified as trans today) who WERE FOR SURE NOT NAZIS. "Claude Cahun: Jersey's Queer, Anti-Nazi Freedom Fighter," at HuckMag

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