40 Creative Catio Ideas To Entertain Any Indoor Cat! Tabs, Thurs., May 26, 2022

40 Creative Catio Ideas To Entertain Any Indoor Cat! Tabs, Thurs., May 26, 2022

Tabs gif by your friend Martini Ambassador!

No idea if The Onion's homepage is the same today, but you'll know it if you see it. (The Onion)

How the NRA made up the lie/fraud/hoax individual right to bear any kind of fucking arms you want. — Slate

How to get over our learned helplessness after every additional child massacre. (Free link Washington Post)

Amanda Marcotte's receipts:

Republicans only care about children that are imaginary. Real children have needs: Food, shelter, safety, emotional support, education, love. Imaginary children, however, want for nothing. The fictional threats to imaginary children are useful for political rhetoric and for bashing your opponents, with no real cost. Providing for real children cuts into resources Republicans would rather see spent on yacht improvements for their donor base. Keeping real children safe means embracing policies, like gun control, that offend the easily bruised egos of their voting base of child-men and their wives.


Republican minority rule and the mass shootings they won't stop. GQ, three years ago. It's gotten far, far worse.

Maybe only a Republican can go to China do common sense gun control:

From Daily Beast:

Though the actor did not explicitly call for stricter gun regulation in his statement, he previously participated in a March for Our Lives rally in Austin, in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in 2018 that killed 17 people.

At that time, he stressed that while he supported the rights of law-abiding gun owners, it was a “no-brainer” to ban assault weapons for civilians, close loopholes in background checks for would-be firearm owners, and restrict the capacity of magazines.

What's up with the police timeline? Shruggy emoticon! (Vice)

Just witnesses telling the January 6 committee that Trump was all "yeah, hang Mike Pence." — Free link NYT

Witches in government. — Evil Witches substack

I have been saving this beautiful tab for you for TWO WEEKS while I was on traveling/beat feet/Montana to Detroit relocation vacation! Enjoy My Mother Made A Foodie Out Of Me Without Ever Turning On The Stove, from Joysauce.

On the other hand, Anna Wintour's lunch is SOME BULLSHIT. (New York mag)

Everybody, meet Miss Pickles, the pregnant kitty who came with our house!

Miss Pickles

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