40+ Epic Stair Fails That Will Make Anyone Want To Take The Elevator! Tabs, Thurs., Oct. 28, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Robert Kuttner has heart hug emoji eyes for Elizabeth Warren's newest entree in her eat the rich feast too. And hey Sinema! She likes it! (The American Prospect)

Oh no! Wall Street's "go to" billionaire-tax-avoidance guy says the Warren joint would be the hardest to loophole they've ever had! Well, best get cracking. — Politico

The billionaires are angry? That's a shame. (Judd Legum's Popular Info)

What if "COVID is hoax" people aren't stupid, but are protesting too much and spreading it to their elderly parents on purpose as part of a generational wealth harvesting? Well? What if? — Timothy Snyder substack

Jobless people got boned trying to get unemployment from states that did that on purpose, and now they're organizing to fix unemployment insurance, and get it in Build Back Better. Good read (really!) on their place in this Striketober, and its echoes of labor actions after WWII, when people sucked up all their grievances for the effort, and then brought about an unprecedented share of the prosperity, from Bloomberg.


"Entrepreneurial" hospital charges for your non-emergency, healthy baby delivered at term, weird sideways smile that's really not a smile emoji. (KHN)

Playdates: What if we don't? — Vox

Who's funding Devin Nunes's nuisance suits? Might we be about to find out? Tell us more, Liz at ATL!

New Republic polled for America's worst rightwingers: All of them, Katie. (TNR)

Yes, do blame Charlie Kirk. They absolutely want to kill us. — Media Matters

Don't know what will happen in Virginia, but Joan Walsh talked to progressive women who may flip red seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, and I feel better! (So mostly do they.) (The Nation)

Good lord, the armorer on Rust — the movie set on which Alec Baldwin accidentally shot and killed a woman, and which already had prop gun accidents — is 24 years old and on her only other movie set used to walk around with pistols in her armpits and fired a live gun right next to Nicolas Cage. I wonder which person with bad to worse safety skills we'll learn about tomorrow! — CNN

Waffle gardens! The Zuni method for farming in arid land! Thanks, Zuni people and also Civil Eats!

Reusable packaging going mainstream at groceries, hooray! (ABC News)

These healthy Thanksgiving dishes are INCREDIBLY gorgeous. (Scroll down and you don't have to click through their slideshow.) Shyyyyyyy! I shall have one of each! — Bon Appetit

Yes. These are bad, bad stairs. (Traveler Door)

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