40+ Gatekeeping Failures That Totally Backfired! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 16, 2022

40+ Gatekeeping Failures That Totally Backfired! Tabs, Fri., Sept. 16, 2022

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No no no, Heartland Signal, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp didn't say banning birth control depended on where the Legislature was on the issue, I mean he did, but that's only if you listen to his words! He just meant that he was not going to say anything approaching "No, I would not sign a law banning birth control" because that is just good politics to keep "banning birth control" on the table! I award you 17 Pinocchios for reporting on his words — which were that maybe he would sign a bill banning abortion if the Legislature wanted him to — instead of his tone, which was that depending on where the Legislature is on the issue, he might sign a bill banning birth control.

People sent this teenager $300,000 for killing the man who trafficked her, and I ain't mad. (NBC News)

Families of trans kids are continuing to be investigated by Texas even after they scrammed the fuck out of Texas, according to this oddly produced segment that I don't want to shit on because it's sympathetic and it's important, but it doesn't properly lay out any evidence. — KVUE

FBI arrests Asshole Woman in Boston Children's Hospital bomb threat. Fuck you, Asshole Woman. (WCVB)


It was a bad, bad summer for Montana rightwing lunatic pastor JD Hall: bankrupted by a libel suit brought by a trans person he defamed, banned from all Town Pumps in Montana for harassing a clerk in one, drug charges, and removed from his church (which also charged him with embezzling) for credible allegations of domestic violence brought by his wife. When they tell you who they are, believe them. — Montana Free Press

This boy and his dog walked to the US from Venezuela. He had to give her up at the border. I hope he made it to Martha's Vineyard, those folks seem fuckin awesome. (Thomson Reuters)

Martha's Vineyard being fuckin awesome. — MassLive

This is just a very good ad.

Transportation investments from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law include paving over the goddamn freeway that destroyed Detroit's "Black Bottom" neighborhood and putting in a boulevard instead. — Transportation.gov

Black Bottom Digital Archives.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley's resolution honoring civil rights champion and I guess an athlete (??) Bill Russell. (Celtics Wire)

Do you have 20 minutes? This New York Times video (gift link because we love you) on the woman who sold Thomas Keller the French Laundry is so beautiful I made my mom watch it with me and we both cried and cried.

Gatekeeping fails! (Food Is in the House)

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