40+ Grandparents That Prove You Only Get Better With Age! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 19, 2022

40+ Grandparents That Prove You Only Get Better With Age! Tabs, Mon., Sept. 19, 2022

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Oh, Judge Aileen Cannon's Special Master order for Donald Trump's stolen classified documents is actually worse than anyone realized upside down smile emoji! (Gift link Talking Points Memo)

Sentencing this week for Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, the Hitler Nazi (who had Secret clearance!) convicted of all the January 6 rioting. His aunt has been fundraising for him because "political prisoner" and he's apparently using that money to organize his fellow inmates. Gotta love a man with ambition. (Law & Crime / sentencing memo)

Need some immigration/"open border"/those poor fuckin Venezuelan migrants contextualization? Heather Cox Richardson has you.

Sure seems like a former deputy Nevada attorney general stabbed a girl to death in Hawaii. If he were a Democrat we'd say so, but since the New York Postdoesn't mention his political party we're guessing he's not. (Honestly I have no idea one way or the other, and neither does the internet seem to, I'm just being a jerk.)

I fire SER and me for not getting to this headline first. Adam Serwer on Fear of a Black Hobbit. (Atlantic)

The Republican Party platform: Be meaner to children.

This is a very good and well-thought-out overview of Democratic and Republican messaging, with a lot of interesting moving parts. Give the whole thing a read before you flounce off in offense at like a half clause you didn't agree with. (You know you do that.)

If you view messaging as a form of combat, with each side using words and images as weapons of persuasion, Republicans are undeniably superior. To be fair, they start out with substantial advantages—one of the big ones being that they are utterly shameless. “We have lawyers go through things to make sure what we’re saying is defensible,” said Democratic pollster and strategist Anna Greenberg. “They have no such compunctions. They just put fucking lies on television.”

The New Republic

You know who else fucking lies and lies? Mr. Justice Samuel Alito, of the Supreme Court! The Bremerton coach who was never fired and never applied for his job for the next season and they're all sitting with their thumbs up their asses waiting for him to deign to accept the job they were forced by the Supreme Court to give him. (Seattle Times)

"You’d have to go back at least to the 1960s to find a single piece of economic legislation [as] sweeping and explicitly pro-worker [as the BBB]." How economists are changing their policy outlooks based on real-world data, and how Joe Biden's using that to effect change. (Observer)

Inside Joe Biden's "buzzer beater" win at bringing the railroads and workers together; you might call it the art of the deal. — Politico

Mississippi Free Press owning the scumbag Brett Favre stolen welfare funds story, again, some more! You want to read all Brett Favre's lie-texts? Click back there! Meanwhile, Mississippi Today (which has also owned the story, I guess the two pubs are timesharing it) had some fuuuuucked-uuuup stats: Just the amount given directly to Brett Favre equaled about a third of the cash assistance given to poor families in the entire state in 2020: Favre got $1.1 million for PSAs he never filmed, while the total sum of cash assistance to the poor was $3.7 million.

Would you trust these men with your welfare dollars?

Brett Favre, current MS Gov. Tate Reeves, and former MS Gov. Phil Bryant. Photo Tate Reeves/Twitter, via Mississippi Free Press

Reddit thread on industry secrets — any and all industries, really. A call center operator just heard me call her a dumb bitch a few weeks ago! (I'm sorry, but she was REALLY UNHELPFUL about the fact they were charging my mom for the rest of her "contract" after my mom moved from her house, and my mom had been paying for two separate internets the entire time she was signed up on that "contract" anyway. Her manager wasn't any better; so what if your mom has Alzheimer's, she signed a contract!) Got one to add?

HAW HAW look at the dumb grandparents (they are pretty funny). (Parent Mood)

Apparently SER has been updating our Instagram, WHO KNEW!! (Not me, I did not know.) Thank you SER! The rest of you can follow us there if unlike me you spend time on Instagram!

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