40 Home Features That Don't Have A Purpose Anymore. Tabs, Fri., Sept. 24, 2021

40 Home Features That Don't Have A Purpose Anymore. Tabs, Fri., Sept. 24, 2021

Tabs gifs by your friend Martini Ambassador!

Montana doctors and hospitals sue the state over its EGREGIOUS ban on "vaccine mandates," including banning hospitals from requiring employees to be vaccinated and banning requiring someone be vaccinated to work — say as a housekeeper, babysitter, or home health aide — in your own home. (The doctors aren't suing about that last part, maybe somebody else should, HENGHHH?) (KTVH)

The pandemic is traumatizing kids. Also orphaning, killing them. — Daily Montanan

Only 16 percent of respondents would blame "Republicans" if America defaulted on our debt because Republicans filibustered raising the debt ceiling after telling Democrats it was up to them to raise the debt ceiling. So that's bad! Plus other questions. (Politico/Morning Consult poll)

America's 400 wealthiest families paid about eight percent in income taxes. Nerd out with some math from the White House!

Two of the nine Republicans interviewed by Reuters who are running for secretary of state in the Arizonas and Pennsylvanias and other bullshit "fraudit" states say Biden won the election. That is not a good percent! (Reuters)

Facebook didn't do anything about thousands of people selling enslaved humans on its platforms until Apple threatened to take it out of its app store. — BBC

They fired the Black Texas principal who was accused of "Critical Race Theory" (having a white wife). (Washington Post)

How Black neighborhoods are demolished for "urban planning," in two case studies: Detroit's Black Bottom and New York's Seneca Village. — Avery Review

Pssst Larry Sabato: It's the racism.(UVA Center for Politics)

Yes correct, click here if the below tweet falls out of this post.

Deep calming sigh: Rewilding the Elwha river. — Orion Magazine

A more readable splainer of the "Sodom" air impact event hypothesis from yesterday's tabs! (The Conversation)

Meet Wonkette's new mascot, the Sarcastic Fringehead (not a pseudonym), it lives in the ocean and it is not here to make friends!

The defining personality trait of these fish is that they're aggressively territorial. They fight off anything that comes too close, no matter the size of the intruder. They have sharp, needlelike teeth they can use to attack their targets, and they don't tend to back down from a fight. Many divers have reported being harassed by a grumpy fringehead after getting too close to its home. Thankfully, their small size means they're not a threat to humans, so long as you don't poke your fingers where they don't belong.

The great part about these fish, though, is how they fight. Once one of them decides an animal has gotten too close, it'll warn them by opening its mouth as wide as possible. Suddenly, this little brown fish gets much more interesting.


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