40 Ideas To Help Declutter And Organize Any Home! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 20, 2021

40 Ideas To Help Declutter And Organize Any Home! Tabs, Mon., Dec. 20, 2021
From your friend Martini Ambassador!

But at least Joe Manchin wasted a year of our lives to not get there.

Psaki PSISSED. (White House)

Hey Lawyers Guns & Money, how would LBJ or FDR have dealt with Manchin? Oh? Huh.

Democratic Senate candidates don't see much point in getting elected if Sinema and Manchin are just going to be boss of them, would like to murder the filibuster pls! (Axios)

This guy died. I'm pretty impressed Jay Inslee and other Democrats found some nice thoughts to say about it. — Seattle Times

The Trump administration purposely fucked off its coronavirus response, "repeatedly overruled public health and testing guidance by the nation’s top infectious disease experts and silenced officials in order to promote then-President Donald Trump's political agenda"? Oh ... nooo. (NBC News / Congressional report)


Kamala's record as vice president: GUESS WHAT IT'S AWESOME BET YOU DIDN'T KNOW THAT. (We also haven't been covering her much, our bad too.) — Daily Beast

Oh, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis demanded university trustees donate $100,000 to him, according to his opponent Nikki Fried? Seems legal! — Inside Higher Ed

Sounds a little culty but what food co-op isn't? How the author, a Civil Eats senior reporter, changed her relationship to money and food through this Portland financial literacy and also basically free food program. — Civil Eats

Wes Anderson movies, ranked.

Having seen them all at least once, here is an incomplete list of things that Wes Anderson loves:

Warm colors
Centered frames
Mid-century modern styling
Precocious children
Yellow text
Overwrought prose
Little kids falling in love
Child-like drawings
Sons desperately trying to please emotionally withholding father figures
Precocious boys desperately trying to please female authority figures whom they are also horny for
Bureaucratic jargon
Motorcycles with sidecars
Harpsichord music
German convertibles
Social clubs
Pun names
Girls with too much eye make-up
Men with interesting noses
Men with bandaged noses
Man servants

Now then, let's begin.


There's a lot of satisfying organized pantry pictures here. (MyDIWise)

Do your Amazon shopping through this link, because reasons.

Don't forget Wonkette is shutting the Bazaar down right after Christmas, for some months maybe even six! So buy what you need now, if you need it! (Wonkette Bazaar)

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