40 Trashy Tips Left By Rude Customers! Tabs, Wed., Nov. 18, 2020

40 Trashy Tips Left By Rude Customers! Tabs, Wed., Nov. 18, 2020
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HEY! Dolly Parton donated a million dollars to development of the (looking good so far!) Moderna vaccine! Or as I will steal:





(New York mag)

As opposed to this fucking numpty:

How Biden could give everybody Medicare. If we're done fighting about erasing student loan debt, maybe we could fight about this instead! — David Dayen at The American Prospect

Meanwhile, Trump is kicking people on disability one more time in the junk on his way out the door. (Daily Kos)

Judge blocks Betsy DeVos's attempt to give $16 million in CARES Act funds to private schools, sad. — Law & Crime

I am in love with this story: Ponzi scheme suspect flees into frigid California lake using underwater 'sea scooter'. (SacBee)

Bye-bye Wisconsin Trump lawsuits! (Law & Crime)

Hello Nevada Trump lawsuits!

Wayne County (Detroit) Board of Canvassers refused to certify the election because they all (well, half of them) watch OAN too, and then were publicly shamed into reversing. Hope nothing happens at the state level! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (Detroit News)

Oh this is bad, looks like Christopher Krebs finally got fired from CISA, the "stop computer hacking in the voter rolls" agency, FOR SAYING THE ELECTION WAS NOT HACKED, and I am guessing Evan will be on it! Because of how I just told him he is on it!

The DNC is suing Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for the tort of "being a rat bastard." Or, more precisely, for publicly accusing them of hacking Georgia's electoral system in 2018 when they brought to his attention security flaws in the system he oversaw as secretary of state. (Techcrunch)

Glenn Greenwald: A liar, idiot? — Emptywheel

Eric Boehlert is just about done with the media's continuing love affair with translating Trump voters' angerfeelings to the rest of us. WHERE IS OUR FUCKING BIDENSAFARI? — PressRun

Teen Vogue profiles John and Gisele Fetterman, "the kindest, coolest couple in politics." Click, Teen Vogue, click!

Paul Slanksy hopes you have enjoyed the show! (Medium)

Man that was a lot of news, and not a recipe in sight. Well, maybe tomorrow ... oh duh, let's all do this!

Dolly Parton - Jolene (Audio)www.youtube.com

All better.

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