40+ Wild And Ridiculous Things You Could See At Your Nearest Airport! Tabs, Thurs., June 17, 2021

40+ Wild And Ridiculous Things You Could See At Your Nearest Airport! Tabs, Thurs., June 17, 2021
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Domestic terrorism? White House says YOU CUT THAT OUT! (Axios)

Who did 1/6? Would you believe ... the FBI? (No.) — The Bulwark

Michael Cohen talks some hilarious shit. The bit that gets me is whom Trump would throw overboard first, Ivanka or Joons, but the answer is obviously, "It's like Sophie's Choice but if Sophie threw one of her kids at the SS like a football." (Lincoln Project facebook)

FuuuuuuckGOOD AD !!!

Joe Manchin has offered a counterproposal on S1, the For the People Act. The main thing it's missing is paper ballots and not letting local officials overturn elections they don't like and possibly gerrymandering protections, I already forget and Slate's got a metered paywall. Rick Hasen says jump on that shit. We ... agree! (Slate)

Extremely relevant: this incredibly interesting, sometimes heartening sometimes Joe Manchin, leaked Zoom call between him and No Labels. In fact, there are specific reforms to the filibuster he thinks he might support and would basically deleverage "Mitch McConnell says no." Heartening! There's also some light exhortations to pay a member of Congress to get what they want, and quite a bit of Joe Manchin in it. INTERESTING! — The Intercept

To ditch DeJoy, fire this guy. To ditch DeJoy, fire this guy. To ditch DeJoy, fire this guy. To ditch DeJoy, fire this guy. (Revolving Door Project)

Mark Meadows and Stephen Miller, making the world a more white supremacist place, still, again.

On behalf of white Texans who run at least one of 25 restaurants in the chain The Lost Cajun, they recently succeeded in getting a federal judge to stop the Small Business Administration's disbursement of restaurant Covid relief funds that prioritized businesses owned by women, veterans, and people of color, blocking money already approved for almost 3,000 struggling businesses.

Joan Walsh at The Nation

Juneteenth and the racial wealth gap. — Patriotic Millionaires

TL;DR but this strikes me as a writer who actually knows too much about a subject, so when everyone's like "Wall Street buying up all the rental stock," he's focusing on "BUT THE MEME SAYS BLACKROCK AND IT IS NOT BLACKROCK" and also "BUT I ALREADY KNEW THAT." I don't know, I have had three beers, but I think David Dayen's bein' a little too nuanced and ALSO persnickety about he saw that band before they were cool. Because things can have more than one contributing factor, and I'm pretty sure "institutional investors" can be one of them, and also you knowing about it before doesn't make it not true now.

Where were the profiles in 2012 and 2013, when like three of us were attuned to this? Where was the outrage when it could have made a difference? More to the point, who is really harmed by the rise of corporate single-family rentals? I would argue the renters, who suffer black mold, busted pipes, and find their own houses for rent on Zillow without their knowing it (this actually happened to someone I have spoken with). This tragedy has been unfolding for a decade; it didn't sneak up on us.

Buuuuut ... you still want people to know why even if it's eight years later? Also: the renters who suffer black mold and pipes! (The American Prospect)

How I Saved Enough Money to Buy a House With My Parents' Money:

A lot of people have been asking me how I put away enough money to buy a house. Well, it's pretty simple: I saved up for a while, and when that wasn't nearly enough, I paid for the house with my parents' money.


Hope once you buy that house, cops do their homework before they wrong no-knock-warrant! One in a never-ending series.) — Reason

Shy would like this drink, therefore all (drinking) fathers would like this drink. HELLFIRE! (Liquor)

Wonkmeet tomorrow, Wonkmeet tomorrow! SAN FRANCISCO! Join Fukui (but not us) at the place, wherever! (WONKMEETS!)

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