YOUR LATE NIGHT SHOTS PARTY WEEKEND SCHED, BRO: Pro-laxin', bro. "LNS will once again be taking its chartered bus out to Bayhawks Stadium for this Saturday's pro lacrosse matchup. The day starts at Rugby at 4, the luxury party bus leaves 5:45, faceoff is at 7, and all LNS ticket holders get free beer for the entire game. The nightcap post party will be held at Smith Point in Georgetown. We have spots for about 18 more washed-up ex-lacrosse players (male or female) who enjoy drinking cans of Bud Light while listening to Christopher Cross, Go West, Billy Idol and AC/DC." But what about the hipster chicks and their "lithe vegan bodies," dood? Who cares about those sluts, bro. Get your lax tix here, dood. [LNS Weekly]

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