RICHARD COHEN DOES NOT CARE FOR GEORGE W. BUSH'S 'QUANTITY OVER QUALITY' APPROACH TOWARDS BOOK-READING AND FINDS THIS ATTITUDE INDICATIVE OF HIS GOVERNING QUALITIES OR LACK THEREOF: Remember a few years ago when word leaked that George W. Bush had been reading Camus' The Stranger, and this was a modest gossip topic for about 12 minutes before it went away forever? Turns out it didn't go away -- Richard Cohen's working a hot new lead! Huh? "As Dwight Eisenhower once told me (I'm not making this up), he had more time as president to dabble in painting than he did in retirement." Whoa, dudes, seriously? Literally? Can you believe that Dwight Eisenhower once said the coolest possible thing ever to Richard Cohen? No joke? [WP]


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