• DUMB RESOLUTION PROPOSED TO DUMB ILLINOIS SENATE PROBLEM: Anybody who saw Harry Reid on Meet the Press this weekend probably noticed two things: First, rimless eyewear has a feminizing effect on the middle-aged male face, and second, Rod Blagojevich has hilariously bent this guy so far over that every time Harry Reid appears in public he is angrily trying to gather up his pants from around his ankles. The problem for Reid is he doesn't want Blagojevich's nominee for Senate, Roland Burris, to get the post, on account of the TAINT. But there's really no LEGAL reason to keep Burris from getting appointed, so instead Reid mutters about the taint and "negotiates" by offering up hypothetical compromises that nobody likes. Such as: letting Burris serve for two years, as long as he promises not to run for re-election. WTF? [Political Ticker]

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