A town without sex.OKAY NOW IT IS TIME FOR THE REAL BLOGGIES: We don't even know what that other Weblog Awards thing is about, other than you should keep voting for us, because why not? But the real true authentic Weblog Awards Thing is back, and accepting nominations for all your favorite categories of websites such as "Best Mexican Blog" and "Best Blog About Trig Palin's Birth Records."

Also, here are some categories for which you might want to nominate your Wonkette: Best Weblog About Politics, Most Humorous Weblog, Lifetime Achievement, Weblog of the Year, etc. If you are drunk, remember you must scroll horizontally, to the right (wing), in order to see the places to enter the blogs. You don't need to fill 'em all out, either. Just nominate Matt Drudge for best LGBT Food blog from Nova Scotia and be done with it! [2009 Bloggies]


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