ROAD OF BONES: Polls close tomorrow night, for this tragic Fake Weblog Awards warblogging contest. Comics Curmudgeon for the Humor, Blue Gal's pick of Driftglass for this thing, and let's have a final crushing blow against all other "liberal blogs," for the sin of being liberal.

ALSO: Pharyngula (Latin for "sexytime") for Science Blog, RumpRoast for whatever category, then Medium Large for the car-toon, and that's it?

Oh, and vote !~synthesizer~! for best use of the tilde in a blog. Grace the Spot, too, which is a popular Lebanese blog which deserves a Strong Second Place. And whatever else you say in the comments, we endorse that probably, too. MOST IMPORTANTLY, NOMINATIONS CLOSE TONIGHT FOR THE REAL 2009 BLOGGIES, so please go take care of that right away, Wonkette for politics and humor blogs, thank you, the end! [2009 BLOGGIES]


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