• COMMENCE 'CRYPTIC PHONE DRIVE-BYS IN HIPPIE COMMUNES' PHASE OF TEABAGGING REVOLUTION: Left-wing communist and likely herbivore "CB" writes: "I know this is only a minor event, especially because I'm sure millions of people got this phone call. But I need to vent. Yesterday I got a call, and a friendly male voice recording informed me about the 'Teabag Movement' going on an advised me to 'Please take note.' Thanks to wonderful Wonkette, I am fully informed about this lame-ass 'movement.' I'm in Berkeley, for f...s sake. What are they thinking?" Hmm. Must be the teabagger perv-bot's fetish. Like in that movie where Philip Seymour Hoffman's character calls random ladies in the phone book and shouts nonsense while violently masturbating.

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