WIN OF THE AFTERNOON: Wonkette is, above all else, an American Values Blog, and the only American Value that's not gay is this one: after maniacally firebombing a population, always be sure to airmail a few insufficient aid packages in the general direction of the starving, terrorized refugee masses. That being said, Wonkette will now become the first blog in Internet history to institute a daily feature called "comment of the day," to reward the day's Best Comment, as determined by Algebra. We will keep track of how many times individual commenters have won this important award, and at some point when some commenter reaches some number of wins he or she will win some magnificent prize or something. (A liquidation-priced Chrysler SUV?) OH, YOU'RE WELCOME. Today's winner is...

Potentially new "punny" commenter "charlesdegoal" -- a foot-ball fan! -- for pointing out the one possible flaw in that Pajamas Media guy's important column about invading the world:

Why not cut to the chase and immediately drop Donald Rumsfeld on North Korea? No pacifistic beating around the bush with those miscreants.

*This* would seriously mess up Kim's feng shui.

Now go ahead and bitch about how you disagree, in the comments!


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