• WHO THE HELL IS MIKE ENZI? The kinda-sorta longshot hope for these wretched Democrats to salvage what is supposed to be the crowning legislative achievement of the last 40 years of Democratic politics would be to get all the bills out of committee, fart all over the bad ones during the reconciliation process, and send something resembling Improvement to Obama's desk. This will require telling such people as "Mike Enzi," a loser Republican dildo from Montana "Wyoming" who said this about what would need in any "deal," to fuck off forever and maybe work on other issues: "I also need commitments from Senator Reid and Speaker Pelosi, as well as the Administration, that the bipartisan agreements reached in the Finance Committee will survive in a final bill that goes to the President.” UPDATE: Oh whoops, he is from Wyoming, like Dick Cheney... JUST SAYING... [AMERICAblog]

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